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Create a private Poker room to play with your friends online with webcam! This is how it works: You create a room with a shareable link. Share the link with your friends and play Texas Holdem Poker together! Poker Home Games - Private Poker Clubs - Online Poker with Friends Start your Own Poker Club with Home Games Imagine having your own online Poker Club, for just you and your friends - where you can arrange your own private poker games whenever you want! It’s called Home Games.

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LegendSportsBook’s strives to innovate and provide the best gaming solutions to all it’s customers. A recent add-on to our robust gaming webapp applications is our own private poker room. This popular game has millions of fans and players around the world and all of LegendSportsBook players can enjoy the always exciting game of Texas Hold’em. You can quickly transfer funds form your sportsbook account to the poker room, we made it simple for all our players to you can focus on having a good time at the private poker room.

Private Poker Room Rules

Poker has many variations, many of which are very popular like: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Sever Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw. The most popular by far is Texas Holdem. LegendSportsBook gives you the opportunity to play Texas Holdem where ever you are due to the flexibility of our poker room platform. All computers and mobile devices are compatible.

In all poker games there is a communal “pot” that is build with the wagers that all players out on the table. This communal pot is awarded to the player or players with the highest hand.

In Texas Holdem players share their cards with the community card games in order to connect cards and build the strongest hand.

  • Check: players can check at any time when during a betting round if no other players bet. When checking the action moves to the player located to the left until it reaches the big blind. If all players check a round will be considered complete and it will move to the next round.
  • Bet: any player can bet when it’s his/her turn. Once a player wagers the player located to the left will have to make the decision to check, call or raise the bet.
  • Fold: a player can fold when his turn comes up and by doing so he/she is totally out of the communal pot.
  • Call: if a player bets the next player get to choose if he/she wants to match the amount wagered, if he/she decides not to match the amount the only option available is to fold.
  • Raise: when a player bets on any particular round all players on the take can either match the amount, fold or match the amount an raise the wagered amount.
    Each betting round in considered complete after each player has met the wagered amount or has folded. After the round is over the dealing/betting round begins.

After the last round is over and several players are still participating in the hand all players will show their cards to determine who the winner is. Players have to option to “muck” the cards. * Muck: not show the cards they were holding.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em became popular with the new generations thanks to televised tournaments. This TV shows sky rocked its popularity to make Texas Hold’em the most popular game in casinos worldwide and in online poker rooms.

Before jumping to the gun and sitting down at a Texas Hold’em table you have to know the rules, otherwise someone will walk from the table with your money.

First of all, every player at the table will be given two private cards. These cards are known as “hole cards”. After every player is given the personal cards the dealer places 5 community cards on the table, these cards are called “the board”. Every player in the hand can use these cards in combination with their hole cards to make the best possible poker hand.


The blinds form an important factor that helps “the pot” get started. The person sitting to the right of the dealer will have to put up an amount called the “small blind” and the following person on the same direction will have to double the amount and that one is called the big blind. The following people will get to see their personal cards for free. If a person wishes to stay in the hand they will have to equal the biggest amount wagered by any of the players at the table.

Betting choices

Each player at the table has several options during each betting round. The possible actions for all players are: fold, call, check, bet, and raise.

  • Fold: return cards to the dealer.
  • Call: bet the amount requested to stay in the hand.
  • Check: since players before did not bet, checking will keep the player in the hand without betting
  • Bet: move chips towards the center of the table.
  • Raise: increase the wager made by another player involved in the hand.


All the players on the table except for the small blind and big blind get to see the hole cards for free and then decide how to proceed, either by betting the amount equal to the big blind, raising the amount wagered or by folding.

The Turn

Known as the turn, it’s the forth community card on the board. Once the previous betting round is over the turn card is made visible to all players and the new betting round starts.

The River

The last card on the board is known as the river. Once this card is made visible to all players the last and final betting round starts.

The Showdown

If there are more than one player involved in the hand the showdown will take place. The last player that wagered or raised will have to show its cards. If there was no bet on the last round the last person to have wagered on previous round will have to show its cards.

The player with the best hand combination between hole cards and the board will be declared the winning hand. All suits have the same value in Texas Holdem.

Ever wanted to stage a private poker tournament online with your friends only and that was invite only? Well, you can. It is possible to now challenge your friends and enjoy the excitement of playing against them in a closed online environment, just as if you were playing in a home game against them. But its from the comfort of your own home.

Currently the best place to host a private poker home game online is over at BetOnline Poker. Free games that pay cash. It’s pretty simple to sign up and organize a game for your friends so that your weekly home game can go on.

Private Poker Rooms Online Us Players

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They can be played at your convenience and only the players that you personally invite will be allowed to participate so it works in much the same way as invite only freeroll tournaments.

How do I create a private online poker club?

Hosting private online poker games could never be easier, and the top rated online poker rooms understand why. There are lots of players who like playing in games against people they know, creating a different type of dynamic, because there will always be personal rivalries.

At sites like PokerStars and 888 Poker, two of the leading online poker sites, you can set up a private poker tournament for co-workers, associates, clubs, charities or just for a bunch of friends. There are no limits to the number of people that can participate. And there are no additional charges for setting up your private poker games. Since everything is handled by the online poker site, the home game organiser doesn’t have to worry about expenses such as buying a poker table, chips, cards, food, drinks. And whatever else that is needed to make a home game possible.

Depending on the online poker site, you can also set up a private invitation-only ring game. Many online poker sites are also willing to allow private poker games with no rakes. Just tell them what private poker game format you would like to hold and they will take care of the rest.

Poker players interested in staging private poker games and competitions should check out PokerStars latest innovation – Online Home Games. This feature is a brand new part of the software, allowing players to bring their home games online.

Nothing like this has been tried in the online poker world so kudos to Pokerstars for implementing it into their online poker room. It turned out to undeniable be a huge success with 500,000 home game clubs already created since its inception.

The great thing about PokerStars’ Online Home Games is that pretty much every online poker player will already have an account at PokerStars.

Creating your own private poker tournaments online is very straightforward – simply choose the game type, buy-in level, then set the date for the tournament. You can invite up to 50 members. Best of all, it’s free to create your own private poker club.

In order to join one of the many invite only Home Games online at PokerStars, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions.

– If you don’t already have an account with PokerStars, then download their free software.

– Once you’re logged in to the main poker lobby, click on the Home Games tab.

– Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.

Private poker room online, free

– Enter your Club ID number, provided by the poker club organizer.

Online Private Poker Room Australia

– Enter your Invitation Code, provided by the poker club organizer.

It’s as simple as that. Of course, the tournament organizer for the online home games will need to spread the word about the tournament to get enough people interested in playing. If you already play a home game with friends at someone’s home, it’s probably easiest just organizing an online game then. If not, obtain every player’s email address, and set it up via email.

What about private online poker club at other rooms?

You can also create your very own private online poker tournaments at 888Poker.

In order to create and play in one of the private tournaments against your friends using webcams at 888Poker, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions.

– If you don’t already have an account with 888Poker, then download the latest software.

– Once you’re logged in to the main poker lobby, click on the Play with friends tab.

Private Poker Room Online

– Click the ‘Create New Game’ button and then choose whether you want to set up a tournament or cash game.

– Enter your unique game name, game password, and the starting time, which every player will need to obtain by the private game organizer.

That’s it! Once you have created a new private game, it will be displayed in the main lobby for players whom you have invited to join the game.

Private Poker Room online, free

The tournament/cash game organizer will receive an email notification, letting them know they have created a private game at 888Poker. Simply forward this email to all the people that you consider friends and would like to play against.

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