Rake Cancelled

Produced by Essential Media & Entertainment and Blow By Blow,
Screen Australia and The Australian Broadcasting Corporation,
in association with Screen NSW
Creators: Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh, Charles Waterstreet
Producers: Ian Collie, Peter Duncan, Richard Roxburgh
Executive Producer: Miranda Dear
Writers: Peter Duncan, Andrew Knight
Directors: Peter Duncan, Rachel Ward, Jeffrey Walker, Jessica Hobbs
Aired: 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 (ABC)
Drama series which tells the story of a criminal defence barrister as he defends the indefensible. From bigamists to cannibals and everything in between, there is no criminal this barrister won't represent.
  1. Australian Tv Show Rake Cancelled
  2. Rake Cancelled
Tv series rake cancelled

Rake is an Australian television program, produced by Essential Media and Entertainment, that first aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC1 in 2010. Money blast free slots. It stars Richard Roxburgh as rake Cleaver Greene, a brilliant but self-destructive Sydney barrister, defending a usually guilty client.

Australian Tv Show Rake Cancelled

Richard RoxburghCleaver Greene
Matt DayDavid Potter
Adrienne PickeringMelissa (Missy) Partridge
Russell DykstraBarney Meagher
Danielle CormackScarlet Meagher
Caroline BrazierWendy
Kate BoxNicole
Keegan JoyceFinnegan (Fuzz) Greene
Hugo WeavingProfessor Graham Murray
Lisa McCuneLucy Marx
Lech MackiewiczGeorge Dana
Noah TaylorStanley Shrimpton
Sam NeillDr. Bruce Chandler
Rachel GriffithsEddie Langhorn
Toni CollettePremier Claudia
Damien GarveyCal McGregor
Robyn MalcolmKirsty Corella
Steve Le MarquandCol
Martin SacksRoger Evans
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Richard Roxburgh has signalled the end of Rake. For the second time in an interview with TV Tonight, Roxburgh confirms the third season will be the last, preferring to see the ABC show go out on a high. “We want this to be the last season,” he says. “There might be other forces at work that are keen to not (conclude).

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