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California lottery scratchers strategy

Lottery Scratchers Strategy


Every time I go into a supermarket, gas station, or a liquor store, I see people in their mid-forties massively buying scratchers (or scratch-offs if you're not Californian). I didn't invent the word nor did I know California Lottery has that much pride in coining the word to scratch-offs. Anyways, these players buy their scratchers all over the machine / behind the counter. I don't normally play scratchers and usually but draw games like Mega Millions. With a leap of faith, I try the $5 Monopoly and won $15 on that depressing day! I was hooked with the fascination and wanted to try playing more scratchers, but I made sure to plan well before making the next move.
Not only this applies to all California scratcher games, but you can follow these same steps in your state!
1. Click calottery for all the scratchers games.

2. When you click a scratchers game, you'll see more info about the game such as the price, overall odds, and the odds of winning cash.

  1. Now click on other games and you'll always notice that overall odds is lower than cash odds. You DON'T trust the overall odds because that number is unreliable! What it really means is to give you an idea how much easier it is to win a prize money versus another game. It is the average of all the odds listed in the table on the next step. What you need to concentrate on is the cash odds because you want to know how easy it is to get the money. As of 2013, all scratcher games have cash odds of no lower than 25% (1 in 4).
3. Each game should have this table.

  • Prizes - The amount of money you can win in this scratcher
  • Odds 1 in - It's telling the percentage of getting that particular amount. So you have 1 in 10 (10%) chance of winning $15 in this game.
  • Total # of Winners - The column name sounds a bit confusing but what it really means is how many winners are allowed for the particular prize. Only 37 winners are allowed to win $1,000,000.
  • Prizes Claimed - These are the winners of that prize.
  • Prizes Available - These are the prizes left for you in this game.
Notice the prizes claimed are much higher than prizes available. This means that the game now has a harder chance of winning these prizes, too risky to invest money on, and a waste of time. You should steer clear of this scratcher even though the odds sound promising. But I'm not stopping you if you're feeling lucky today.
See Status for dying games.

4. Make your own list with the following advices:
  • On Status page, look for the games with the highest health percentages. Health higher than 50% is my comfortable ground. It is important that when you step into a lotto retailer, you have confidence knowing that you have a higher chance of winning.
  • Next, settle a budget. Make sure you have plenty of spend for the excitement, but enough to put food for the family later.
  • With the list from the first step, eliminate the games with smaller odds. Bad at math? 1/4 is bigger than 1/5 or 25% is bigger than 20%.
  • Now choose the cheapest, high odds, and healthy game to play!

These games have real life references to games you have played at school or home. For more ease of choices, visit to see which games you have had experiences with and go with your instincts.

5. Do put some faith into the statistics based on the official website. They're accurate and legit! State Lottery do mean serious business; they don't tolerate fraud nor scams.
6. Remember to come back regularly to check the Status of the games and do Step 4 again! Serious players always need to constantly keep watching the status so your money can be better spent! Don't be the last person buying all the LOSER scratchers!

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How To Pick Winning Scratch Off Tickets

What's the best strategy? Scratchers are printed and sold to retailers in packs of 20, 40, 100, or 200 tickets, depending on the ticket cost (see page 6 of the retailer manual). We assume that the prizes are distributed randomly throughout the packs, and that the frequency of each prize corresponds to the percentage remaining in circulation. Multiple tickets from multiple different scratch-off games. You are just setting yourself up for huge losses on the day. By sticking to the same scratch-off game, you greatly increase your odds and chances of winning. Free credit report. Make sure you are playing ONLY $5, $10, and $20 scratch-off tickets or higher! DO NOT play $1 or $2 tickets!

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