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< Magic Storage

The Storage Component is the basic building block of nearly every item needed to create a Magic Storage system. By itself, a placed Storage Component can only serve as a connector piece, though the Storage Connector is more practical in that role. Storage ComponentAny Wood(10)Any Iron Bar(2)Work Bench Storage HeartStorage ComponentDiamond or Shadow Diamond(3)Emerald(7)Work BenchStorage.

TypeDrop – Crafting material
TooltipTraces of light still linger inside

The Shadow Diamond is an alternative to the Diamond for the crafting recipes in Magic Storage. Each vanilla boss (King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron, Queen Bee, Wall of Flesh, The Destroyer, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, Plantera, Golem, Duke Fishron, Lunatic Cultist, and Moon Lord) will drop one Shadow Diamond the first time they are killed with the Magic Storage mod active. Note that Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu share the same drop: after killing one of them, no drop will be obtained from killing the other. There are therefore a total of 14 Shadow Diamonds that can be obtained in a given world. Bc slots daily youtube videos.

Crafting[editedit source]

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Shadow Diamonds Free Slots

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Storage Heart
  • Storage Component
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond (3)
  • Emerald (7)
Work Bench
Storage Access
  • Storage Component (10)
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond
  • Topaz (7)
Remote Storage Access
  • Storage Component
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond (3)
  • Ruby (7)
Storage Crafting Interface
  • Storage Component
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond (3)
  • Sapphire (7)
Terra Storage Upgrade
  • Radiant Jewel
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond
Ancient Manipulator
Portable Remote Storage Access
  • Locator Drive
  • Radiant Jewel
  • DiamondorShadow Diamond (3)
  • Ruby (7)
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Shadow Diamond
Hollow Knight (2017)

Welcome to the channel, please do not invite me if Night and I are not streaming. I will not invite you unless you message me, request an invite, or say in chat to invite you. If you like my content, why not consider subscribing. When posting videos, I normally post completing challenges in FNaF or FNaF Fangames. When streaming, I normally come up with a game to stream a few minutes before streaming.
Night, Roxy, Smokey, Glitch, Cassidy, and I made a new channel
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Join the discord server to talk to amazing people other than myself.
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Shadow Diamond Hack V3

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