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Las Vegas Slots Tournaments at Bellagio. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino located on the Las Vegas Strip is a premier destination for anyone who wants to enjoy all the style, luxury and opulence Las Vegas. April 9 - 11 $100,000 Blackjack Tournament April 29 - May 1 The $300,000 Derby Dash Slot Tournament ($4,000 Buy-In) May 21 - 22 $75,000 Blackjack Series 1. HIGH LIMIT SLOT MACHINE©All uploads are JFK Slot Hits, LLC intellectual property. You do not have any permission to re-use, copy or distribute any part of JF.

Before you enter any slot machine tournament it is important to understand how they work. While there are a lot of variations the basic principals remain the same for most tournaments both offline and online. In this article we discus the basics such as how to enter tournaments, how the prize pools work and the order of play.

The tournament starts with buy-ins. This means that you pay an entry fee to join the tournament and have a shot at winning. Some tournaments are free and others are comped in which case the casino is essentially paying the buy-in for you. The amou8nt of players and the cost of entry will determine the prize pool.

Let's say you have 100 players who all pay $50 to enter. This gives a total prize pool of $5,000. The amount of winners and prize pool distribution varies from tournament to tournament. In this example you might have a 1st prize of $3,000, a 2nd prize of $1000, a 3rd prize of $500 and 10 prizes of $50.

In the example above all of the prize pool is distributed to the winners. In a lot of tournaments the casino will keep part of the prize pool which is how they make money from running the tournaments. It is always worth checking on the prize pool distribution before you enter a tournament.

Once all players have paid their buy-in the tournament can start. In general each player receives a set amount of credits to play with. All of the players then sit at a slot machine and get a certain amount of time to play. This tends to be quite a sight as all of the players are franticly hitting the spin button as fast as possible to get the maximum amount of spins in the set time frame.

When the play time is over the winner is the player with the highest amount of credits on their machine. The places are also determined by the amount of credits on the machines. It is worth noting that you do not win the amount of credits that you have on the machine you win the prizes according to the tournament payout schedule.

Some of the bigger tournaments take place over a longer period of time with many smaller tournaments leading to a final round where the big money is won. In these tournaments you generally need to place high in the rankings in the smaller tournaments to move on to the next stage. The advantage of this style of tournament is that you tend to get much bigger prize pools.

Slot Tournament In Las Vegas

The prizes are not always for the biggest scores. In some cases you will find that the tournaments also award prizes for the worst score. There are many different prize formats which is one of the reasons that slot tournaments are so popular.

Las Vegas Slot Tournaments are building up in the gambling capital of the US. We have scoured some of the most popular Las Vegas casinos and posted some of the best Las Vegas Slot Tournaments taking place during the month of June.

Vegas slot tournament schedule

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The Mirage Las Vegas is running some great slot tournaments and to kick it off they are having the $660,000 Va‐Va‐Voom Slot Tournament which starts on June 19-21. Its a Las Vegas Slot Tournament with a Vintage flare! This vivacious slot tournament is stacked with a GRAND PRIZE of $250,000 in CASH! The buy-in for such a huge tournament is a firm $5,000 which is sure to bring you a slice of the $660,000 pie!

Mirage Tournament Schedule
Thursday, June 19 Welcome Reception and Gift Distribution
Friday, June 20 Tournament Play
Saturday, June 21 Tournament Play & Awards Dinner

Prize Structure:
1st place – $250,000 Cash
2nd place – $50,000 Cash
3rd place – $25,000 Cash
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Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Tropicana Las Vegas has also released their Las Vegas Slot Tournament schedule and they are not only running slot tournaments but a variety of tournaments for tournament enthusiasts regardless of which game they like!

Slot Tournament Vegas

Tropicana is running a Las Vegas Slot Tournaments with a:
$60,000 Cash Summer Slot Tournament June 27-June 30
$30,000 Blackjack Tournament (Promo Chip) June 13-June 16
$100,000 Craps Tournament (Promo Chip) June 20-June 23

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Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Best Slots At Bellagio

Golden Nugget Las Vegas is alo hosting a varitey of tournaments in June and not just Las Vegas Slot Tournaments.
They are running a:

Slot machine payout percentage

$100,000 Bada Bing Blackjack Tournament June 6-8, Play your cards right and take home the top prize of $50,000! Entry is $500.

60,000 DOUBLE SCOOP SLOT TOURNAMENT June 27-29. This means their are two rounds of slot play with TWO opportunities to improve your score in the rebuy rounds. The entry fee is the lowest of the 3 venues at $100

Vegas Slot Tournament Schedule

For more details on Las Vegas Slot Tournaments at Golden Nugget click here

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