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Mentholatum SUNPLAY Sunplay Watery Cool SPF75/PA (35 g), USD 12.0, 曼秀雷敦Sunplay SPF 80 PA 紫外线身体防晒霜Sunblock Review。新的Solarex 3技术提供独特的紫外线防御系统,可提供卓越的pH值. Malaysian Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger that focuses on skincare and parenting content. I also give tips too!

I have all the reason to brave the hot sun and harmful UV rays for the whole of this year because in addition to the Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++ I have also been sponsored Sunplay’s new Sunplay Watery Cool Mist UV Spray SPF75 plusSunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65 ! I’m a very happy girl. (;

And can I just say I really love the Sunplay’s new Sunplay Watery Cool Mist UV Spray SPF75? It smells so good… kind of like a refreshing men’s deodorant. Haha!

Sunplay NEW Watery Cool UV Mist SPF75 PA+++
Net Wt. 150ml, Retail Sales Price: $17.90

My review:

As I’ve let on earlier, Sunplay’s Watery Cool Mist SPF75 has a very refreshing and manly scent that’s sure to keep you fresh. As seen in the above picture, the mist is transparent, leaving no colour or traces. It is also a far lighter sun protection substance compared to the Sunblocks. I have not had the chance to apply it several times and test the actual protection but I foresee one might need some practice to ensure proper, all-round proof coverage because of it’s transparent and lightness. It is also advised on the bottle to reapply after swimming, perspiration or sun exposure for maximum exposure.

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++
Net Wt. 35g, Retail Sales Price: $17.20

My review:

Sunplay Watery Cool Sunblock SPF65 is a white liquid based Sunblock but upon application it leaves no trace and is very light, non-greasy and has a mint scent to boot. It’s water-resistance attribute makes it ideal for swimming or any water-based activity.

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Cosmetics ingredient list and analysis, find out the ingredient efficacy and comedogenic, irritation, safety. Sunplay Skin Aqua sunblocks were recently launched in Malaysia and come in 2 forms - Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA and Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel.

If you’d also like some sunblock lovin’, redeem your freeSunplay Superblock SPF 130 PA+++ travel size sample when you ‘LIKE’ Sunplay sg on Facebook here.

Betrocker no deposit bonus codes roblox robux. Be protected with Sunplay and you can play and stay care-free under the Sun and in the water!

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As promised,
I'm going to share about my experience at the Nando's Hot Peri Peri Party over the weekends!
Personally, I'm not a fan of the sun, so I made sure I smeared sufficiently Sun Block all over me. And. so coincidentally, I remembered that I had actually redeemed a SunBlock from SunPlay. I was waiting for an opportunity like this, to do a review on the product.

Before I start off with more pictures on the party, I guess I can do a short review on SunPlay SuperBlock SPF130.
Like what the brand promises - NO STICKINESS, NO GREASINESS AT ALL. I am impressed. I have always used other sun block brands, after I recovered from the 'every week must tan' syndrome. But this little bottle of 'goddess' I call it, is worth every cent in your pocket and piggy bank! (:
Because it is in such a small size, it was so easy to carry around! You don't even have to worry about it being it tooo heavy or what! With SPF 130. I am 130% sure I wont get burnt or darker! (click here to redeem yours!) So KUDOS to Sunplay! (: Go 'Like' them on facebook and redeem your bottle today! (:
Ok, So back to the party. (I actually made a short video on how I did my make up. But it kinda failed, so... I'm still deciding whether to post it up or not! haha)
yum yum!
Complex carbo, good for dieting! (:
beans for you? Nay for me.
Fresh fruits! (:
Not enough hot sauce! I went to steal some more! hahaha
A great day for tanning
I bet we all did!
forever a favourite! (: CANDY FLOSS!!!
I got NANDO'S.
Rozz from 98.7fm (:

Sunplay ReviewsSunplay

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So that sums up the entire day at Sentosa!

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