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Triple Double Bonus: Just in case the previous game wasn’t enough, it’s now possible to hit a four of a kind that will pay out as much as a royal flush! However, the payouts for a three of a kind have also been reduced, making this a very wild and swingy. Welcome to Video Poker Genius! This is part 7 of a series of videos designed to help you become a better video poker player.In this part, I play 100 practice.

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Select from 19 different video poker variations with the button, including Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Triple Double, Full Pay Deuces, 16/10 (Not So Ugly) Deuces, Loose Deuces, three kinds of Joker Poker, and more.
You can use the mouse to click on cards to hold, or you may find it easier to use the keyboard:
[1-5] = Hold/Cancel
[Space] or [Enter] = Deal/Draw
[T] = Trainer on/warn/off
When the trainer is turned on, it lists the best plays and their average expected wins on the left. The CHANGE CARDS button allows you to explore the best play returns for hands that you enter. Yellow dots on the corners of the cards show the best cards to hold. The statistics on the right show your playing time, speed of play, the theoretical payback percentage of the game with perfect play, the projected payback percentage with your plays, and the cost of errors.
Warn Mode
You won't learn as much if you leave the trainer on all the time and just copy its answers, so we recommend playing with the trainer in WARN mode. In WARN mode, the trainer will only come on if you make a mistake, showing you the better play and giving you a chance to change your answer. However, the statistics on the right will still reflect your first answer, so you can see how you're doing without the trainer's help.
View Log
Whether the trainer is on or not, the game keeps track of your statistics and a log of your play, which you can review by clicking VIEW LOG. If you were playing in WARN mode, the log reflects your first answer. The log shows the cards that were dealt, the best play, your play, and the cost of any errors you made. You can learn a lot by playing with the trainer off, then reviewing the log to see what you missed.
2x Pay
To make things more fun, the game defaults to 2X PAY mode, so you get twice as many credits when you win. The trainer stats ignore the extra credits and record your wins as if they were the normal amount. If you prefer to play the traditional way, click on 2X PAY to switch to the standard 1X PAY.
Paytable Edit
Other paytable variations can be entered by clicking the numbers in the 1st or 5th columns of the paytable and using the up/down arrows to adjust the pays. The total payout is limited to 109.9%, so you may need to lower a payline before you can raise another. Be aware that the trainer adapts its best play recommendations to changes you make to the paytable. For example, if you raise the royal flush value, the trainer will adjust its recommendations in favor of cards that shoot for the royal more often.
Triple Double Bonus Poker
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Triple Double Bonus Poker Huge Jackpots

So make sure you doubtless learn the right approach for playing video poker, correct recommendations are not often intuitive, if you’ll try your five-card draw strategy to video poker, like retaining a high kicker with a pair, you’re going to truly lose and you will lose badly over the long term. From slot machines, many avid gamers switched to video poker and never go back again simply because they benefit from the exhilaration and the problem of gambling a game that needs a little skill, but don’t let that part scare you off, you should definitely truly try playing Video Poker because it is bot that tough to be told and it is numerous fun. Video poker is a game of cold, calculated exactness. A pitting of man against computer, the customarily daunting mathematical odds prove that only the very brave step up to face the sickly, menacing glow of screen of the web casino video poker game. And some are willing. A few brave souls rise, unwavering, to the task, and with mathematical prowess, offer tangible human challenge to the terrifyingly alien and inhuman stare of the video poker game. But for those with out that mathematical prowess, there are methods to fulfill the video poker machine head-on. You know you’re brave enough, and the day is far in the future where you succumb to an insignificant computing device. The first rule to besting video poker is to understand the fundamentals of the game. You may be fighting an entity with out emotion, a cold steel box from which you cannot pluck an inkling of feeling, or a bluff or a give-away. Knowing the fundamentals of the sport might help with this factor.

The amount and the limit and having a bet architecture is determined by the avid gamers themselves and have unanimously agreed to it. Play games online for free and win real money.

The same is right for somebody on a successful streak.

Triple double bonus poker payouts

This could be an excellent talents for players who are already conversant in the game as poker is largely a game of skill and never of chance. The number of people gambling poker games all over the place the world has extended dramatically. Poker finds a liking with professionals and amateurs and others who like to play it casually. Video poker first became commercially viable when it became budget friendly to mix a television-like computer screen with artificial intelligence namely a relevant processing unit. The earliest models were materialized at an identical time as the first non-public computer systems were invented, in the mid-1970s, although they were rather primitive by trendy criteria. All during the 1980s, video poker became increasingly frequent in casinos, as people found the gadgets more convenient than gambling table games. Today, poker video games enjoy a major place on the gaming floors of many casinos. Poker video games are played either on poker machines or on internet sites using a private computer. The game is uses the advanced technology of brand new world, but the basis remains conventional and is according to the idea of basic poker. Players play in opposition t a terminal or a processing unit with hundreds of thousands of mixtures. Online poker games may allow the player to play in opposition t other avid gamers in addition.

Triple Double Bonus Poker Pay Table

The game of Video Poker is extremely simple to play once you get enough practice in, and most online Video Poker games may have what is referred to as an Auto Hold facility, this automatically holds one of the best cards for you, so you will never fail to notice a profitable hand combination.

Triple Double Bonus Poker Machine

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Triple Bonus Video Poker

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