Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting In Kenya

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The Ultimate Guide to Betting on a Sports Team If you’re ready to try your hand at gambling, you might consider betting on your favorite sports team to start with. Sports betting is a fun way to add new excitement to a match, and can be done pretty easily online or at a bookie outlet. The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Sports Online. Earl Morgan - March 12, 2020. Placing bets online is a great way to make your favorite sports even more exciting. Betting can be great fun, and if you’re smart and a little bit lucky, you can even potentially win big. If you’re new to online betting, it can be difficult to know where to start.


Sports betting has been a popular activity in Kenya since the passing of the Betting, Lotteries and Gambling Act of 1966. Previously, the only way to place a bet on a local or international sporting event was to head to your local betting shop.

Today, online sports betting sites have made it possible to bet from your desktop computer or mobile phone. Whether you want to put money on an upcoming Premier League match, a local Cricket game or an international golf tournament, online sports betting gives you the freedom to place multiple wagers at your own convenience, and African Betting Guide is here to help you do just that and we looking closer at sites such as Betin, Betway Kenya and 1XBET Kenya.


Betting sites in Kenya is under attach by the government, and only a few have managed to live up to the new requirements set by the regulators. We have looked closer at which betting sites, that are still active, are the best to choose from. Baron correct score apk.

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Sports Betting Guide For Today

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22Bet Kenya

Kenyan’s has been looking for options since several of their favorite betting sites has been suspended – and a new favorite has emerged in 22Bet Kenya. Sports fanatics in Kenya has grown very fond of this new betting site that offer a easy registration process and a wide range of sports events to bet on. They are only lacking in local banking options, but besides that, we highly recommend 22Bet in Kenya.

Betway Kenya

An international brand, famous for their great odds and design Betway Kenya has invested a lot of money and time on the Kenyan market, to make sure they offer the best experience to all their customers. This is our third favorite in Kenya, so look closer at Betway Kenya if you want to try their site out

1XBet Kenya

A rather new face in the online betting scene in Kenya. Even though they recently established themselves in Kenya, 1XBET Kenya has made sure to offer their customers the best betting options possible. They even offer local banking options, such as Airtel and m-Pesa, as well as cryptocurrency deposits. If you looking for an internationally known brand, 1xBET Kenya is your choice.


Online sports betting is just one of many legal forms of gambling in Kenya. In 1966, the Betting, Lotteries and Gambling Act was passed, allowing land-based operators to provide legal gambling facilities to the Kenyan public. This included casino gambling, lotteries, and land-based betting shops.

In 2013, the bill was updated to allow online bookmakers to provide Internet-based sports betting for both local and international sites. Local sites are regulated by the Kenyan Gambling Act as per the 2013 update, while overseas sites are licensed and regulated by the authority in which they operate. The regulating authority is responsible for all the legal aspects of the site, the security, the fairness and the accuracy of the payouts.



Safety is an important factor to consider when gambling online. Before signing up you should look for a site that runs the latest security software along with dedicated customer support.

The minimum-security level software you should be looking for in a site is 128Bit SSL encryption. The higher the bit number, the more secure the site. Some of the larger international sites use 256 or higher bit-levels for both desktop and mobile platforms. If you want to increase your security, you can store your login details in a digital password manager. This gives you the ability to create longer, uncrackable passwords without the need to remember them all.


The most important part of the online betting process is to sign up with a fully licensed and regulated bookmaker that has all the facilities you need. While there are plenty of sites to choose from, some are certainly better than others.

The good news is that there are plenty of top-rated Kenyan sites around, and the list is growing all the time. Within the legal framework of the country, bettors can utilize both local and overseas sites as long as they are licensed to operate in Kenya.

If you want to place bets on international sports and expand your choices, there are plenty of highly rated overseas sites that African Betting Guide can also recommend. While each has their specific advantages, we recommend the following sites based on the security of the establishments, longevity, the range of markets, banking facilities, competitive odds, and the bonuses on offer. Below we have created a list with all local and international betting sites we recommend.

Get up to:
KSh 5,000
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On your first deposit. T&Cs apply.
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Get up to:
KSh 15,000
Welcome Bonus
On your first deposit. T&Cs apply.
2.8 rating


Banking is another vital part of the betting process and one that should not be overlooked. If you are going to be betting on a regular basis, you will be making multiple deposits and frequent withdrawals. As such, it is important to find a banking facility that is both convenient and safe and that suits your lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. Bank transfers are the most common form of payment, but they do involve a visit to your bank, and the payments can take up to a week to process. Credit cards are a good option as they offer the ability to make instant deposits and even cash out your winnings to your credit card account.

For Kenyan bettors, Airtel and M-Pesa are the way to go. Both options allow you to pay using your mobile phone with local Kenyan Shillings. Vodafone operates M-Pesa and you can transfer funds directly from your number into the bookmaker’s account. With Airtel Money, you can log into your Airtel account using your phone, and tap on the “Pay bill” button. Here you simply insert the name of the bookmaker and the amount you want to pay. Of the international establishments, only Betway accept M-Pesa and Airtel payments. As the industry expands, however, web-wallets and other instant payment options are becoming available in Kenya.


One of the perks of online sports betting in Kenya is being able to access and utilize free bets and sports bonuses. These are incentives given out to bettors when they sign up and make their first deposit. Some sites also include regular promotions and reload bonuses that keep rewarding you the more you use their service.

The majority of betting sites offer free bets or bonuses in some form or another. The international sites tend to offer larger bonuses as they have a larger customer base, but local sites also offer generous rewards.


Mobile technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Today, smartphones have more functionality than desktop computers from the 1990’s. It is not surprising then that all the top-rated online sports betting sites in Kenya offer both desktop and mobile-based betting platforms. This means that you can go online and place bets using your smartphone or tablet while at home, or on the go. The type of platform depends entirely on the bookmaker itself. Some offer a mobile-ready site that you can access through your mobile web-browser. Simply type in the site address and you will be redirected to the mobile platform with a user-friendly interface and all the same functionality of the main betting platform.

Other establishments offer a dedicated betting app that you can download and install on your Android or iOS device. An app or “application” is software specifically built to run on your mobile device. These apps usually feature a selection of the most popular sports as well as a quick betslip and fast-bet facility. You first have to download and install the app onto your device. When you are ready to go online, ensure you are connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi, as the app requires data to work.

If you want to place your bets at the best online sports betting sites in Kenya, African Betting Guide will help you out and ensure you always enjoy safe, fair and legal betting.

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Betting

In 2018, the United States Supreme Court’s decision in the Murphy v. NCAA case opened the door for legalized sports gambling. Immediately after that decision, the state legislatures went to work and many passed laws making wagering legal.

Though now legal in many states, sports betting enthusiasts found ways to gamble for years. Now, with legal casino and online operations growing in rapid numbers, it’s never been easier for a player to find action.

Are you a sports fan? Do you have the itch for some action but are not familiar with sports betting rules? Don’t be a square and bet before you know what you’re doing. That’s an easy way to lose money.

Check out our comprehensive guide on sports betting to educate yourself.

It Seems So Simple

For as long as there have been contests, someone bet on the outcome. From ancient Greece to present-day Las Vegas, sports and sports betting fit like a hand in a glove.

Many sports fans long consider it their favorite pastime. And to the inexperienced, sports wagering seems so simple. You pick who wins the game.

If you win, you make money. Yes, if it were only that easy.

The truth is, it’s not. You only have to look at how much revenue sportsbooks pull in every year to know how hard it is to make money.

Do you think bookmakers would bother operating on the wrong side of the law for so many years if sports gambling wasn’t profitable for them?

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting In Kenya 2020

No, they wouldn’t. You need to know how complicated betting is before you can dip your toe into the gambling market. You don’t need to learn complicated strategy overnight, but you need foundational knowledge of the basics before you begin.

Important Terms

Sports betting has its terminology you need to know. Though the list of sports betting jargon is long, to understand the rest, you need to learn these terms.


When bookmakers set their numbers, they decide who they think will win the game and by how much.

A favorite is who the bookmaker thinks will win the game, and receives a (-) on the board. A better receives less return for a winning bet on a favorite because they are more likely to win.


An underdog is a team or competitor a sportsbook determines is less likely to win. You’ll see a (+) sign next to an underdog.

Players receive a greater return on winning underdog bets because these “dogs” are less likely to win.


Every bet has at least two sides (there are some with three, but we’ll talk about those later).

Each side is given a corresponding number decided by a bookmaker. These sides exist in all three basic bet types.


A line is all the numbers that correspond with a bet. This includes the full game or any specific time interval.

Types of Bets

Three basic bets serve as the foundation for all sports betting. When you walk into a casino sportsbook or pull up the app for the first time, you will see a series of numbers that are confusing if you don’t know what they mean.

Here we will explain the three types of bets and what the corresponding numbers mean.


A moneyline bet is a bet for a team or individual to win a contest. It’s the most simple bet to make.

This is easy to explain with a real-life example. Say you’re a college football fan and you want to make the championship game more interesting with a wager. You have a good feeling that Ohio State will beat Alabama, so you want to bet them to win.

You walk into the casino or pull up an online betting app and see Ohio State +225 and Alabama -286. These are the moneyline numbers. You know this means Alabama is the favorite while Ohio State is the underdog.

What do those numbers mean for you? If you bet $100 on underdog Ohio State, you win $225. However, to win $100 on Alabama, you must wager $286.

As you can see, you can win more money betting on dogs. That doesn’t mean you should always play them.


Sports bettors and bookmakers wouldn’t make much money if they only offered win/lose moneyline bets. If you’re a long-time sports fan you know that sometimes the talent discrepancy between two teams is immense.

Spread bets, also known as puck-line bets in hockey and run-line bets in baseball, are how you bet on these games. Every single contest has a corresponding spread.

With a spread bet, you bet on a team to win over a certain amount of points or lose by less than a certain amount of points. The bookmaker determines these numbers (in hockey and baseball these numbers are a standard 1.5, though they will move).

You have that feeling about Ohio State, but you’re not positive they’ll win. You do think it will be a close game.

You see Ohio State +225/+9 -110. You know that +225 is the moneyline number. That +9 is the spread number and the -110 is the odds associated with that spread number.

What does this mean? If you think Ohio State will lose by less than 9 points or win the game, you’ll win your bet at -110. That means to win $100 on that bet you’ll bet $110.

Betting Sites In Kenya

If you bet Alabama at -9 -110, that means Alabama must win the game by more than 9 points for you to win.


A total or over/under number completes the line. You see Ohio State +225/+9 -110/75.5. That 75.5 is the number set by bookmakers on the combined point total of both teams.

To win an over bet, Ohio State and Alabama must combine to score more than 75.5 points. To win an under bet, these two teams must score less than 75.5.

The standard odds on these bets are -110, but they are subject to change.

Exotic Bets

Now that you know what the three basic bets are, you can start building exotic bets that are based on them.


A parlay is two or more bets combined to increase your winnings. Sportsbooks and casinos have different rules on parlays and how you can play them.

If you’re looking to win a lot of money, parlays are a good way to do it. Say you like that Ohio State +9, but you also like Pittsburgh to win their pro football game that night at -15.5.

You can combine those bets. Two bets combined at -110 yield odds of +265. That means instead of winning $182 if you bet $100 on both, you win $265 by combining them!

The only catch? You must win all your bets in a parlay to win. If you go 8 for 9 on a parlay, you lose.


Sportsbooks allow you to adjust the spreads or point totals on parlay bets through teasers. For football, they offer 6, 6.5, and 7 point teasers. This means your Ohio State and Pittsburgh parlay will have more favorable numbers.

In this scenario, let’s say you choose to tease by 7. For your teaser, Ohio State would now be +16, while Pittsburgh would be -8.5.

Because you’re given more favorable numbers, the book reduces your payout.


A 3-way bet is a moneyline bet with three sides. You can bet on Ohio State to win, Alabama to win, or a tie.

These bets are offered for the full regulation not counting any overtime, or for set intervals of the game like quarters or halves.

You’ll find that the moneyline numbers on a 3-way yield higher payouts. They’re harder to win. If you bet Ohio State on a 3-way line to win the first half and the teams tie, you lose.


A round-robin bet is a series of combined two-team parlays. Let’s say you bet Ohio State +9, Pittsburgh -15.5, and you like San Francisco at -3.5. All these bets have the standard juice of -110.

If you do this, you have three separate two-team parlay combinations you wager on. You have Ohio State and Pittsburgh, Ohio State and San Francisco, and Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

When you bet $100 on this round-robin, the casino assumes $300 in risk by extending that $100 to all three two-team parlays. Given that each parlay pays at +265, the maximum you will win if all three parlays hit is $795.

If only one parlay hits, you lost $200 but won $265. That means the book pays out $65.

The Logic Behind the Lines

To understand sports gambling, you have to understand how bookies and sportsbooks make money.

The primary way sportsbooks make money is through the “juice” or the “vig.” The juice is a commission the book keeps on each bet. When you place a $100 bet on the Ohio State spread, you get your $100 back plus $91 in winnings.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting In Kenya

On the other side, people who bet $100 on Alabama lose their $100. This $9 difference, or vig, is kept by the book.

Because the book profits primarily on the juice, they set their lines to encourage even play on both sides.

That Ohio State vs. Alabama spread of 9 points doesn’t mean that a bookie believes Alabama will win by that much or more. They come to that number by determining what margin will entice an equal number of players to make bets on either side.

Understanding Line Movement

New Betting Sites In Kenya

One of the most important aspects of sports betting to understand is line movement. You want to bet Ohio State at +9. By the time you get to the casino or get around to your sportsbook platform, you notice Ohio State now sits at +8.

What happened?

Betting lines are not static. When bookmakers release their initial lines, they begin to take bets. They set the original number to encourage play on both sides.

Experienced gamblers do not live in a vacuum. They have their ideas about what will happen in any given game. These preferences show with how much money comes in on either side.

If a majority of money comes in on Ohio State +9, bookmakers adjust the number to entice play on Alabama and even their ledger.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting In Kenya

If money comes in heavy on the Alabama side at -9, the bookmaker will move that number up to get play on Ohio State. These movements can come from consistent public play or a large single wager.

When you bet on sports, you have to change how you think about picking games. Winning sports betting is not as simple as beating the sportsbook number. You play the sportsbook and fellow gamblers.

How to Win

Winning at sports gambling takes a lot of work and a lot of skill. The best sports bettors often top out at 55%. Given that even the best still lose 45% of the time, you have to expect you’ll lose a lot more when you start.

Sports gambling is about so much more than picking who wins. You have to keep your eyes on the numbers and you have to do a ton of research. Stat books and statistical probability are your best friends.

Once you learn how to interpret the numbers and statistics, you may see some success. Don’t bet on it.

Sports betting is, at best, a nice hobby and a great way to generate interest in a game. It’s best to start slow and have fun.

Sports Betting Will Be Here Forever

If there is a game or a contest anywhere in the world, be sure someone bets on it. From professional football to Ukrainian table tennis, gamblers will find a way to lay action.

Become familiar with the terms and the rules of sports betting. The best way to lose money is to give it to a bookmaker or casino with uninformed wagers.

Are you a real sharp? Why stay on the wrong side of the ticket window? Start your own sportsbook and make real money with Ace Per Head. We offer the best pay per head software platform. Try a free demo today.

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