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I have gone back in history and dug up the scores from previous Final Four & NCAA Championship games. The information you will find in the tables below stems back to 1985, which is when the NCAA Tournament was expanded to 64 teams.

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I was only able to find the lines for all Final Four games dating back to 2003. I was able to find all of the lines for the NCAA Championship Game since 1985. I’ll make a couple of notes about what I have found that will hopefully help you handicap not only this year’s Final Four, but the Final Four in years to come.

Final Four Results & Vegas Point Spreads

While Arizona is one of the favorites to reach the Final Four, No.2 Kansas (45/1) hasn’t been given very good odds of winning the title, ranking behind No.3 Notre Dame (25/1) in the Midwest. NCAA Women's College Basketball Game Las Vegas Odds. NFL Odds and Lines. FA Cup Tournament; Euro 2021; 2022 World Cup. Teams To Make Final 4 NCAA.

YearMatchupLineScoreSU WinnerATS Winner
2019Virginia (1) vs. Auburn (5)Virginia -663-62VirginiaAuburn +6
2019Texas Tech (3) vs. Michigan State (2)Michigan State -261-51Texas TechTexas Tech +2
2018Villanova (1) vs. Kansas (1)Villanova -595-79VillanovaVillanova -5
2018Michigan (3) vs. Loyola-Chicago (11)Michigan -5.569-57MichiganMichigan -5.5
2017Gonzaga (1) vs. South Carolina (7)Gonzaga -6.577-73GonzagaSouth Carolina +6.5
2017North Carolina (1) vs. Oregon (3)North Carolina -4.577-76North CarolinaOregon +4.5
2016Villanova (2) vs. Oklahoma (2)Villanova -2.595-51VillanovaVillanova -2
2016North Carolina (1) vs. Syracuse (10)North Carolina -1083-66North CarolinaNorth Carolina -10
2015Kentucky (1) vs. Wisconsin (1)Kentucky -571-64WisconsinWisconsin +5
2015Michigan State (7) vs. Duke (1)Duke -581-61DukeDuke -5
2014Florida (1) vs. Connecticut (7)Florida -763-53ConnecticutConnecticut +7
2014Wisconsin (2) vs. Kentucky (8)Kentucky -174-73KentuckyPUSH
2013Louisville (1) vs. Wichita St (9)Louisville -9.572-68LouisvilleWichita St +9.5
2013Michigan (4) vs. Syracuse (4)Michigan -1.561-56MichiganMichigan -1.5
2012Kentucky (1) vs. Louisville (4)Kentucky -8.569-61KentuckyLouisville +8.5
2012Ohio State (2) vs. Kansas (2)Ohio State -364-62KansasKansas +3
2011Kentucky (4) vs. Connecticut (3)Kentucky -256-55ConnecticutConnecticut +2
2011VCU (11) vs. Butler (8)Butler -3.570-62ButlerButler -3.5
2010Michigan St (5) vs. Butler (5)Butler -1.552-50ButlerButler -1.5
2010W. Virginia (2) vs. Duke (1)Duke -2.578-57DukeDuke -2.5
2009Michigan St. (2) vs. Connecticut (1)Connecticut -4.582-73Michigan StMichigan St +4.5
2009Villanova (3) vs. N. Carolina (1)N. Carolina -783-69N. CarolinaN. Carolina -7
2008N. Carolina (1) vs. Kansas (1)N. Carolina -2.584-66KansasKansas +2.5
2008Memphis (1) vs. UCLA (1)Memphis -278-63MemphisMemphis -2
2007Florida (1) vs. UCLA (2)Florida -376-66FloridaFlorida -3
2007Georgetown (2) vs. Ohio State (1)Georgetown -167-60Ohio StateOhio State +1
2006LSU (4) vs. UCLA (2)LSU -1.559-45UCLAUCLA +1.5
2006George Mason (11) vs. Florida (3)Florida -673-58FloridaFlorida -6
2005Illinois (1) vs. Louisville (4)Illinois -372-57IllinoisIllinois -3
2005N. Carolina (1) vs. Michigan St (5)N. Carolina -5.587-71N. CarolinaN. Carolina -5.5
2004Ga Tech (3) vs. Oklahoma St (2)Oklahoma St -467-65Ga TechGa Tech +4
2004Duke (1) vs. Connecticut (2)Connecticut -279-78ConnecticutDuke +2
2003Marquette (3) vs. Kansas (2)Marquette -494-61KansasKansas +4
2003Texas (1) vs. Syracuse (3)Texas -395-84SyracuseSyracuse +3
2002Indiana (5) vs. Oklahoma (2)73-64Indiana
2002Maryland (1) vs. Kansas (1)97-88Maryland
2001Arizona (2) vs. Michigan St (1)80-61Arizona
2001Duke (1) vs. Maryland (3)95-84Duke
2000Wisconsin (8) vs. Michigan St (1)53-41Michigan St
2000Florida (5) vs. N. Carolina (8)71-59Florida
1999Duke (1) vs. Michigan St (1)68-62Duke
1999Ohio State (4) vs. Connecticut (1)64-58Connecticut
1998N. Carolina (1) vs. Utah (3)65-59Utah
1998Stanford (3) vs. Kentucky (2)86-85 (OT)Kentucky
1997Kentucky (1) vs. Minnesota (1)78-69Kentucky
1997N. Carolina (1) vs. Arizona (4)66-58Arizona
1996Mississippi St (5) vs. Syracuse (4)77-69Syracuse
1996UMass (1) vs. Kentucky (1)81-74Kentucky
1995Arkansas (2) vs. N. Carolina (2)75-68Arkansas
1995Oklahoma St (4) vs. UCLA (1)74-61UCLA
1994Arizona (2) vs. Arkansas (1)91-82Arkansas
1994Florida (3) vs. Duke (2)70-65Duke
1993Kentucky (1) vs. Michigan (1)81-78 (OT)Michigan
1993N. Carolina (1) vs. Kansas (2)78-68N. Carolina
1992Cincinnati (4) vs. Michigan (6)76-72Michigan
1992Duke (1) vs. Indiana (2)81-78Duke
1991UNLV (1) vs. Duke (2)79-77Duke
1991N. Carolina (1) vs. Kansas (3)79-73Kansas
1990Ga Tech (4) vs. UNLV (1)90-81UNLV
1990Duke (3) vs. Arkansas (4)97-83Duke
1989Illinois (1) vs. Michigan (3)83-81Michigan
1989Duke (2) vs. Seton Hall (3)95-78Seton Hall
1988Kansas (6) vs. Duke (2)66-59Kansas
1988Arizona (1) vs. Oklahoma (1)86-78Oklahoma
1987UNLV (1) vs. Indiana (1)97-93Indiana
1987Providence (6) vs. Syracuse (2)77-63Syracuse
1986LSU (11) vs. Louisville (2)88-77Louisville
1986Duke (1) vs. Kansas (1)71-67Duke
1985St. John’s (1) vs. Georgetown (1)77-59Georgetown
1985Memphis State (2) vs. Villanova (8)52-45Villanova

NCAA Championship Game Odds & Score Results

YearMatchupLineScoreSU WinnerATS Winner
2019Virginia (1) vs. Texas Tech (3)Virginia -285-77VirginiaVirginia -2
2018Villanova (1) vs. Michigan (3)Villanova -779-62VillanovaVillanova -7
2017North Carolina (1) vs. Gonzaga (1)North Carolina -171-65North CarolinaNorth Carolina -1
2016Villanova (2) vs. North Carolina (1)North Carolina -277-74VillanovaVillanova +2
2015Duke (1) vs. Wisconsin (1)Wisconsin -168-63DukeDuke +1
2014Kentucky (8) vs. Connecticut (7)Kentucky -2.560-54ConnecticutConnecticut +2.5
2013Michigan St (4) vs. Louisville (1)Louisville -482-76LouisvilleLouisville -4
2012Kansas (2) vs. Kentucky (1)Kentucky -6.567-59KentuckyKentucky -6.5
2011Butler (8) vs. Connecticut (3)Connecticut -353-41ConnecticutConnecticut -3
2010Butler (5) vs. Duke (1)Duke -761-59DukeButler +7
2009Michigan St (2) vs. N. Carolina (1)N. Carolina -7.589-72N. CarolinaN. Carolina -7.5
2008Memphis (1) vs. Kansas (1)Memphis -275-68 (OT)KansasKansas +2
2007Ohio State (1) vs. Florida (1)Florida -484-75FloridaFlorida -4
2006Florida (3) vs. UCLA (2)Florida -173-57FloridaFlorida -1
2005Illinois (1) vs. N. Carolina (1)N. Carolina -275-70N. CarolinaN. Carolina -2
2004Ga Tech (3) vs. Connecticut (2)Connecticut -582-73ConnecticutConnecticut -5
2003Syracuse (3) vs. Kansas (2)Kansas -5.581-78SyracuseSyracuse +5.5
2002Indiana (5) vs. Maryland (1)Maryland -7.564-52MarylandMaryland -7.5
2001Arizona (2) vs. Duke (1)Arizona -482-72DukeDuke +4
2000Florida (5) vs. Michigan St (1)Michigan St -489-76Michigan StMichigan St -4
1999Connecticut (1) vs. Duke (1)Duke -9.577-74ConnecticutConnecticut +9.5
1998Utah (3) vs. Kentucky (2)Kentucky -3.578-69KentuckyKentucky -3.5
1997Arizona (4) vs. Kentucky (1)Kentucky -784-79 (OT)ArizonaArizona +7
1996Syracuse (4) vs. Kentucky (1)Kentucky -1476-67KentuckySyracuse +14
1995Arkansas (2) vs. UCLA (1)UCLA -389-78UCLAUCLA -3
1994Duke (2) vs. Arkansas (1)Arkansas -676-72ArkansasDuke +6
1993Michigan (1) vs. N. Carolina (1)N. Carolina -2.577-71N. CarolinaN. Carolina -2.5
1992Michigan (6) vs. Duke (1)Duke -5.571-51DukeDuke -5.5
1991Kansas (3) vs. Duke (2)Duke -372-65DukeDuke -3
1990Duke (3) vs. UNLV (1)*No Line103-73UNLV*No Line
1989Seton Hall (3) vs. Michigan (3)Michigan -280-79 (OT)MichiganSeton Hall +2
1988Kansas (6) vs. Oklahoma (1)Oklahoma -883-79KansasKansas +8
1987Syracuse (2) vs. Indiana (1)Indiana -4.574-73IndianaSyracuse +4.5
1986Louisville (2) vs. Duke (1)Duke -172-69LouisvilleLouisville +1
1985Villanova (8) vs. Georgetown (1)Georgetown -866-64VillanovaVillanova +8

There haven’t been many upsets in the Final Four in recent years. In fact, the favorite has won 14 of the last 18 meetings since 2010. However, the underdog has been a very good bet in recent seasons. UConn pulled off one of the biggest upsets in tournament history in 2014 year with a 63-53 win as 7-point underdogs to Florida, and in 2015 Wisconsin beat an undefeated Kentucky team.

Oddsmakers have expected close games in the Final Four. That’s indicated by the fact that only six teams have been underdogs of 7 or more points since 2003.

Favorites in the NCAA Championship Game have been a good bet historically, however, the underdog has won against the spread in three of the last six years.

There have been some huge upsets in the history of the NCAA Championship Game. The biggest of them all was Connecticut beating Duke 77-74 as 9.5-point underdogs back in 1999. Kansas won as an 8-point underdog to Oklahoma 83-79 in 1988, while No. 8 Villanova defeated No. 1 Georgetown 66-64 as 8-point dogs in 1985. Arizona won as a 7-point underdog to Kentucky in overtime by a final of 84-79 in 1997 as the fourth-biggest upset in history.

There were a lot bigger point spreads dating back further in the Championship Game than there are now. From 1985 to 1999, there were four instances where one team was favored by at least 8 points, with the biggest being Kentucky (-14) over Syracuse in 1996. Since 2000, there hasn’t been one instance where a team was favored by more than 7.5 points. That just goes to show the parity in college basketball these days compared to before the turn of the century.

For basketball fans, Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop for an over-the-top NCAA March Madness.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas during March Madness and you are wondering how to get the most out of your experience, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll share essential details and tips for enjoying one of the biggest events in basketball – March Madness in Vegas 2021.

The Aria is one of the hottest venues to watch March Madness

March Madness Men’s NCAA Tournament: When Is It?

In 2021, March Madness kicks off on March 14 with Selection Sunday. The dates for other events that are associated with the tournament include:

  • First Four: March 18
  • 1st/ 2nd Rounds: March 19 – 22
  • Sweet 16: March 27 and March 28
  • Elite 8: March 29 and March 30
  • Final Four, National Championship: April 3 and April 5

Vegas is the best place to celebrate March Madness

March Madness – What to Expect

The 1st and 2nd Rounds, March 19 through the 22, are the most action-packed in Las Vegas. This is the time when most people flock to the city for March Madness events.

Some expectations to keep in mind:

  • Casinos are packed and there will be lots of table action overall.
  • Hotel prices will be much higher due to demand, so be sure to book early.
  • Nightclubs will have longer lines and be more expensive overall.
  • Casino sportsbooks will be packed very early, so if you want a seat get there early!

While the other dates of the tournament aren’t as eventful, the party atmosphere is still pretty impressive; even more so than the norm for Sin City.

During March Madness, Las Vegas turns into a haven for basketball enthusiasts and those who just like to gamble on the game, even if they aren’t avid fans of the sport. In fact, nearly 3 million people plan trips to the city during the month of March just so they can take part in the festivities.

If you happen to be in Vegas a week before, be sure to check out all the St. Patrick’s Day Festivities in Vegas.

Westgate Sportsbook is one of the hottest betting locations for March Madness.

March Madness Vegas Tips and Info

Here are some tips and info that will help you prep for your big trip so that you can get the most out of the experience:

  • Link up with Social Media. If you want the latest updates on all of the happenings, take to social media. Check out Facebook, where you can find groups that are completely dedicated to March Madness in Las Vegas. Join one of these groups and you’ll have instant access to up-to-the-minute information on the biggest and best activities, live events, and much more. You can even find out the latest updates on the score, goings on at venues, and the wait time for sportsbook counters.
  • Be prepared for crowds. There’s really no way to avoid big crowds during the month of March in Las Vegas; particularly during the first week of events. Opening day falls on St Patrick’s Day, which means there will be even more partygoers than you can imagine. Prepare yourself. Know that it’s going to be crowded and establish a plan. Keep tabs with social media to find out the latest details on the best places to watch, place bets, and grab food and drinks. Knowing the best spots to go – particularly if you are traveling with a group – will help you get the most out of the experience.
  • Consider going off the Strip. While it’s definitely true that the Strip is THE place to be in Las Vegas any time, including March Madness, it’s not the only place to consider. If you’re trying to avoid crowds, consider heading off of Las Vegas Boulevard. The entire city is enthralled with the tournament, and you should be able to find some pretty awesome and lively (but way less crowded) spots off the Strip.

Check out Mirage Casino for your sportsbook action while you’re visiting Vegas during March Madness.

The Best Sportsbooks to Watch March Madness Games in Vegas

If you’re going to be placing wagers on the game, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to head over to a sportsbook; and there are plenty to choose from in Las Vegas.
During March Madness, some of the best sportsbooks to watch the games include:

  • AriaThe Aria offers 90 HD screens, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome view of ever dribble, pass, and swoosh.
  • Venetian – Featuring one of the most advanced video screens on the continent, you’ll be amazed by the views you’ll be able to get of the games here. There are 118 lavish betting stations, too.
  • MGM Grand With 36 65-inch LCD TVs, 24 42-inch plasma TVs, and seating for 104 people, you’ll have front-row seats to the nail-biting games.
  • Caesars Palace. At this acclaimed casino, you’ll find six 12-foot by 15-foot screens, 12 50-inch plasma TVs, and a 20-foot by 50-foot LED board for your unobstructed viewing pleasure. There are also 140 sports seats with 12-inch flat screens situated on each table.
  • Mirage – Watch the events on the huge 85-foot HD projection screens that offer 4X resolution of 1080p. Talk about an amazing view!
  • Westgate -Offering an immense 220-foot by 18-foot 4K video wall and more than 350 seats, you’ll feel as if you are actually at the game when you watch it at Westgate’s sportsbook.

March Madness Vegas Viewing Parties and Events in 2021

Las Vegas is the proverbial party paradise, and as you would expect, dozens of viewing parties and events are held throughout the city during March Madness.

View some of the various viewing parties around the strip and all of Vegas below.

Circa Madness Under the Sun – Watch Party

Enjoy hoops while lounging in the sun or in the pool at Circa’s stadium swim.

General admission tickets starting at $20.

Circa Las Vegas Watch Party 2021

Enjoy all the march madness NCAA action starting March 18th.

3 Stories of TVs to watch and bet all the games.

Want to play some golf while you watch some basketball? TopGolf is the place for that!


Located near the MGM Grand, TopGolf is a great spot to hit some golf balls and watch the tournament madness. TVs are virtually everywhere you look, and there’s even a pool, so you can take a refreshing plunge if you get too heated!

Watch parties can be reserved for the following days:

  • Friday, March 19
  • Saturday, March 20
  • Sunday, March 21

Get an exclusive seating area.

Full menu and bottle service available.

AmeriCAN Beer Bar, credit Instagram @americanbarlv

AmeriCAN Beer Bar March Mayhem 2021

During the first four days of the tournament, AmeriCAN hosts a viewing party. There are dozens of screens, and as the name suggests, there’s a plethora of beer; in cans, of course!

Premium open bar option.

When: March 19- April 5th

The Still Brackets and Beers 2021

This iconic sports bar at The Mirage is the ultimate man cave experience with more than 50 craft beers, dozens of cocktails, and 27 different televisions. There’s not a bad seat at The Still, and the food is amazing too and prepared in a refurbished trailer that was abandoned in the backwoods of Tennessee.

The Still at the Mirage is on the casino floor and serves fabulous tacos and burgers, as well as super healthy foods like rice bowls with grilled tuna. Howard hughes biography fraud.

Rockhouse March Madness Party

Enjoy March Mayhem at Rockhouse at The Grand Canal Shoppes inside The Venetian.

Premium open bar packages March 19 – April 5th.

Beer Park Tournament Madness Viewing Party

Outdoor deck at Beer Park on the Vegas strip. Photo credit – Beer Park website.

Beer Park is offering a wide variety of seating options from individual seats to big tables with an included food and beverage minimum per person. Watch the NCAA Tournament right on the strip outside Paris hotel and indulge in over 100 beers including 36 beers on tap.

  • Prices: Prices starting at $175 and up to $1000+ depending on number of people and type of seating
  • Dates: March 19 – April 8th

The Still Brackets and Beers Event

Catch all the March Madness action at all the The Still’s Bracket and Beers Events. Enjoy the tournament on 27+ tvs and drink from a selection of 50+ craft beers.

  • Location: The Still inside Mirage
  • Prices: Round 1 – $125 F&B Minimum per session, $250 F&B Minimum all day, Round 2 – $100 F&B Minimum per session / $200 F&B Minimum all day
  • Dates: All tournament long, starting March 19

March Hoops View Party at The D

The D Las Vegas is hosting March Madness viewing parties with its exclusive Man Caves.

Event details coming soon.

Cabo Wabo Cantina in Las Vegas, photo via facebook @CaboWaboLV

Cabo Wabo March Mayhem 2021 – TBD

Enjoy March Madness with great food like nachos, wings, and taquitos at Cabo Wabo. Watch the games on several TVs including a 200-inch video grid, a 200 projection screen, and two 80″ HD tvs in their luxury viewing room.

Details coming soon.

Hoops on the Strip at Montecristo Cigar Bar

Enjoy watching the March Madness festivities with reserved tables, couches, and more at Montecristo Cigar Bar. Price includes drink credit and cigars your party.

  • Location: Montecristo Cigar Bar inside Caesars Palace
  • Prices: Starting at $150per person
  • Dates: Starting March 18

Hoops on the Strip at Vista Cocktail Lounge

Enjoy watching march madness in family style seating with open bar and access to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • Location: Vista Cocktail Lounge inside Caesars Palace
  • Prices: Starting at $276 for two
  • Dates: Starting March 18

Caesars Palace Race and Sportsbook Watch Party

Enjoy some of the best action in the Caesars Race and Sportsbook.

Enjoy the games on a 143′ HD LED screen with state-of-the-art 4-Zone Directional Sound.

Reserve your seat starting at $111.

  • Location: Caesars Palace
  • Prices: Starting at $111
  • Dates: Starting March 18

Westgate Hoops Central 2021

Enjoy college hoops on giant HD screens in a smoke-free environment!

Due to current state COVID-19 restrictions, tickets will initially be limited to 50 tickets available per day.

  • Location: Westgate International Theater
  • Prices: Reserved seats for $50 includes one free domestic beer
  • Dates: Starting March 19 – March 22

Plaza hotel Downtown Las Vegas

March Mania at Plaza – TBD

Details for 2021 TBD

Ellis Island Hoops Mania 2021

The brand new Front Yard addition to Ellis Island is where the annual Hoops Mania will be held this year. Half-day or full-day options are available, and guests will get reserved seating, a T-shirt, food on the buffet, and all the craft beer they can guzzle.

  • Location: Ellis Island
  • Prices: Starting at $125
  • Dates: Starting March 19

PBR Rock Bar March Mayhem 2021

One of the biggest viewing parties on the Strip, the PBR Rock Bar party, is at Miracle Mile Shops and offers half and full-day packages that include premium seating, open bar, and food.

  • Location: PBR Rock Bar Miracle Mile Shops
  • Prices: TBD
  • Dates: Starting March 19

SAHARA March Mania Viewing Parties 2021

NCAA Basketball fans can reserve their March Mania experience for the first round, second round, final 16 and final 8 viewings from Friday, March 19 through Tuesday, March 30 at venues throughout the resort including the SAHARA Theatre Lounge, CASBAR Lounge, The Tangier and Paradise Lounge.

There will be plenty of drink and food specials as well.

Pricing starts at $250 per person which goes towards a food and beverage minimum.

More details on events.

Other Top Bars in Vegas to Watch the March Madness Tournament

If you’re not really gambling and you just want to take part in the action, instead of hitting a sportsbook, consider watching the games at a sports bar. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the score, munch on great grub, and wash it down with whatever type of beverage suits your fancy.

Vegas Odds Ncaa Tournament Winner


The Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood is where you’ll find one of the best sports bars on the Strip. With more than 60 big-screen TVs, including a massive 12 foot wide one, Blondies always has a game on and offers the best happy hour specials.

Vegas Odds Ncaa Tournament

There’s also a super cheap lunch and a late-night menu that will satisfy all your cravings.

Experience an Unforgettable March Madness in Las Vegas

Vegas Odds Ncaa Tournament Final Four Location

Whether you are an avid basketball fan or you are just looking to the ultimate party experience, then heading over to Las Vegas during March Madness is an absolute must. No matter what you do or where you, you’re pound to have an unforgettable encounter.

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