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Roulette Zero

The number zero. Is it even a number? Or is it a non-number?

Well, we always talk about the number zero, so let´s say for the sake of argument that it is a number. If you halve something, and then halve it again, and then halve it again, you are going to have a smaller and smaller number. If you did this an infinite number of times, you´d arrive at zero, but of course that isn´t going to happen in the real world. And that´s the thing about zero, much of what we talk about when we talk about the number zero is theoretical- it´s all in the mind.

But back to roulette. The zero is the only green number on the roulette wheel, and it marks the difference between a European Roulette wheel and an American Roulette wheel, as a European wheel has one zero pocket and an American wheel has two zero pockets (the 0 and the 00).

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Play American Double Zero or European Single Zero.


On a European Wheel, the 0 sits between black 26 and the red number 32. Over in Vegas on the American wheels, the 0 is located between black 2 and black 26 and the 00 has red 1 and red 27 as neighbours.

How to Play the Number Zero in Roulette

You can bet on the number zero in the same way as you can bet on any individual number on the roulette wheel- just place a single number bet on the number and you´ll get a 35:1 payout if it comes in (plus your original bet back).

The zero is often seen as an unlucky number (well it is called the zero)- especially in roulette, as many bets will not pay out if the ball lands in this pocket, such as the outside even money bets, the column bets and the dozens bet and so on.

In a way, that´s a little bit unfair on the zero, as if you bet on the red, you´ll lose if a black number comes up OR the zero comes up, but players tend to feel unlucky when the zero lands and they are playing the even money bets. There are ways of insuring yourself against this happening. You could play a roulette variant like Next Gen European Roulette that plays La Partage. This is a rule that forces the casino to return half of your even money bet if the ball lands in zero. It´s a good one to look out for, as it will reduce the house edge down to 1.3% on these bets. You may also find this rule played on many French Roulette games.

Roulette Zero Tips

The zero is what gives roulette its House Edge. If you play an Outside Bet like Evens or odds, for example, you have less than a 50:50 chance because if the ball happens to land in the zero pocket (or pockets in the case of American variants), you lose the bet. You can mitigate against this by playing French Roulette, or “Money Back” games that play La Partage rule. You will get half of your bet back in this case- the house edge is half of that you will get in standard European Games.

Play “Money Back” Roulette at Paddy Power

You could also lay a small side bet on the zero to cover yourself for those times when the 0 hits. We´d advise against it- it´s better just to run the gauntlet and trust your luck.

The only rule that we suggest you stick to with the zero, is to only play on single zero roulette wheels. Avoid the double zero roulette wheels (the American ones). If you think it’s bad news when the ball lands in the single zero, how bad are you going to feel when it lands in the double zero? There’s a reason that European Roulette is more popular online than the American game. There’s more choice and the odds are better on the former.

A popular way of covering the zero is with the Voisins du Zero bet. This covers the numbers from 22 to 25 including the zero. These are the Neighbours or Voisins of zero.

If you are playing American Roulette (I thought we told you to avoid it!), you could also play the worst bet in roulette, which covers 0,00, 1, 2 and 3. But why would you? The odds are the worst in roulette.

Another neat way of covering the zero on a European table is with a Jeu Zero bet, which is kind of like a mini Voisins du Zero bet. It just covers 6 neighbours of zero with 4 chips.

Let´s Talk About the Zero

Zero is one of those numbers that is known by a number of names including nothing, none, nought, nil, zip, zilch and nada. In cricket, if you are bowled for a duck you scored zero runs and if you are 40 love down in a tennis game you haven’t scored any points.

The zero hasn´t always been recognised- the Ancient Greeks had no word for it and were sceptical as to whether it was a number at all. How can something be something if it is nothing? You can see their point.

The idea of zero is thought to have been fully developed on the Indian sub-continet where it appeared around A.D. 458 in mathematical equations that were spelled out or spoken in poetry or chants. In 628, a Hindu mathematician called Brahmagupta came up with a symbol for zero — a dot underneath numbers.

It was through the Arabic world that we came to use the zero as a placeholder and number in calculations. The Hindu–Arabic base 10 system for numbers that we use to this day reached Europe in the 11th century, thanks to the Moors in Spain.

Zero is an even number as you can divide it by 2 without getting a remainder and is the smallest no-negative integer.

The number zero really started to come into its own with the development of computers, as it represents the “off state” in a binary system, where 1 is the “on state”.


So is zero a number? Can you have a number that’s nothing? That´s getting into philosophy, so we are going to say that yes, 0 is a number, at least in roulette. It has its own pocket and space on the betting layout, and there are even 2 of them on some wheels.

Just remember, the odds of the ball landing in the zero are exactly the same as the odds of the ball landing in any other number!

Play the Zero bet at Royal Vegas Casino

Stick to European Wheels with one zero. The odds are better.


  • Is there such a game as Zero Roulette?
    Betfair used to offer a game called Zero Roulette with a wheel that was just filled with numbers from 1 to 36. They discontinued it, probably because the house edge was zero (that extra pocket gives the house its advantage). At the time it was probably used as a promotional tool to get players to try the casino (Betfair is still well worth a visit for roulette by the way).
    It’s a shame they discontinued it.

Roulette Payouts & Odds

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Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to play and is also one of the oldest games available in casinos around the world. So how do roulette payouts and odds work?

What Does Roulette Payout

Roulette has a consistent house edge and straightforward odds. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the edge and odds on this page as well as an explanation of each possible bet you can make at the table.

As you learn more about the house edge you’ll see that even at the tables with the best odds for the player the edge is higher than you’ll find at games like blackjack, baccarat, and some video poker machines.

BetOnline Offering the Best Odds on Roulette

  • European Roulette – Up to 95.5%
  • American Roulette – Up to 94.5%
  • French Roulette – Up to 94.5%

Can You Win Playing Roulette?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only thinking about the percentage of the house edge of casino games, but many times you end up losing less per hour, and in turn being able to play longer, by playing a higher edge house game.

One of the main advantages of playing roulette is you play fewer spins per hour than you play hands per hour at the blackjack table, baccarat table, or at the video poker machine. When you combine this with the simple game-play where all of the bets have the same edge, roulette is a good choice for many casino players.

Odds and Edge on Three Different Roulette Wheels

Take a look at the odds, payouts, and house edge that are offered when playing on the American, European, or French roulette wheels.

American Roulette Payouts

Be sure to look at the section on how the house edge works to get familiar with why American roulette has a higher edge than European or French. Let’s take a look at the odds you face on each inside bet as well as the corresponding payouts. This is based on the US wheel.

Odds Chart American Roulette Payouts, Odds, Bets, and House Edge

American Roulette – Inside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Straight Up37 to 135 to 15.26%
Split18 to 117 to 15.26%
Street11.7 to 111 to 15.26%
Trio11.7 to 111 to 15.26%
Corner8.5 to 18 to 15.26%
Five Number6.6 to 16 to 17.9%
Six Line5.33 to 15 to 15.26%

The house edge on outside bets work on the sample principle but, as you’ll see in the following table, both the odds against winning and the payouts are much lower.

American Roulette – Outside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Red or Black1.11 to 11 to 15.26%
Even or Odd1.11 to 11 to 15.26%
High or Low1.11 to 11 to 15.26%
Dozens2.17 to 12 to 15.26%
Columns2.17 to 12 to 15.26%
  • Go All-American and Play American Roulette at Bovada
  • International Players Give American Roulette a spin at Betway Casino

European Roulette Payouts

European roulette wheels don’t have a double zero space so the odds are better for the player. It is the most popular type of roulette played at most of the online casinos, as the house edge and odds of winning make it the best choice for avid players. Let’s take a look at the odds you face on each inside bet as well as the corresponding payouts.

Odds Chart European Roulette Payouts, Odds, Bets, and House Edge

European Roulette – Inside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Straight Up36 to 135 to 12.7%
Split17.5 to 117 to 12.7%
Street11.33 to 111 to 12.7%
Trio11.33 to 111 to 12.7%
Corner8.25 to 18 to 12.7%
Six Line5.17 to 15 to 12.7%
European Roulette – Outside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Red or Black1.06 to 11 to 12.7%
Even or Odd1.06 to 11 to 12.7%
High or Low1.06 to 11 to 12.7%
Dozens2.08 to 12 to 12.7%
Columns2.08 to 12 to 12.7%
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  • Enjoy European Roulette and up to $1000 Casino Bonus at Betway

French Roulette Payouts

The only difference between European roulette and French roulette is that in French roulette if you bet on high, low, red, black, odd, or even and the ball lands on zero, you only lose half your bet. So, the house edge on these bets is half of what it is on a European wheel. Let’s take a look at the odds you face on each inside bet as well as the corresponding payouts.

Odds Chart French Roulette Payouts, Odds, Bets, and House Edge

French Roulette – Inside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Straight Up36 to 135 to 12.7%
Split17.5 to 117 to 12.7%
Street11.33 to 111 to 12.7%
Trio11.33 to 111 to 12.7%
Corner8.25 to 18 to 12.7%
Six Line5.17 to 15 to 12.7%
French Roulette – Outside Bets
BetOdds AgainstPayoutHouse Edge
Red or Black1.06 to 11 to 11.35%
Even or Odd1.06 to 11 to 11.35%
High or Low1.06 to 11 to 11.35%
Dozens2.08 to 12 to 12.7%
Columns2.08 to 12 to 12.7%

Experienced gamblers avoid the US wheel, in favor of the European version –or even better, the French Roulette game, which has the best odds of all roulette payouts.

  • US-based players will find these low-edge variations at the BetOnline
  • International players can enjoy the low-edge French Roulette at 888 Casino

Bet Types Explained

There are two types of bets that a player can place –inside and outside bets. These are relative to where you would actually place your chips on the table. Learning the type of bet and where to place the bet will help you know what your possible roulette payout will be.

Inside Bets

Single or Straight

Stars rewards freeroll. This is a bet on a single number and is made by placing a chip or chips covering the number completely inside the box surrounding the number.


A bet on two numbers, a split is made by placing a chip or chips on the line between two numbers.


A street bet is on three numbers across the display, such as 31, 32, and 33. This bet is made by placing a chip or chips on the outside edge line on either end of the street. In this example, you place a bet on the leftmost line of the 31 or the rightmost line of the 33.

Corner or Square

A corner or square bet is a bet on four numbers made by placing a chip or chips on the corner shared by all four numbers.

Six Line or Double Street

This is a bet on two streets made by placing a chip or chips on the outside line where the two streets meet.


A trio bet is a bet on three numbers that include at least a zero or double zero. The bet is made by placing a chip or chips on the intersecting line of the three numbers.

Basket or First Four

A bet on numbers zero, one, two, and three on a single zero wheel, made by placing a chip or chips on the outside corner of the zero and one or zero and three.

Top Line or Five Number

A bet on the double zero, zero, one, two, and three on a double zero wheel, made by placing a chip or chips on the outside corner of the zero and one or double zero and three.

Outside Bets

High or Low

This bet is on either 19 to 36 for high or 1 to 18 for low. Each table has a designated area for this bet.

Red or Black

This bet is either on red or black and each table has a designated area for each of these wagers.

Even or Odd

This bet is that the number will be even or odd. The table has a designated area for these bets.


The dozens bets are for the first 12 numbers, 1 to 12, the second twelve, 13 to 24, or the third dozen, 25 to 36. Dozens bets are placed in the designated area, usually to the left of the numbers printed on the felt.


A column bet is for one of the 12 numbers in the first, second, or third column will land on the wheel. These bets are placed along the bottom of the numbers on the felt under the column you wish to bet on.

How the Roulette House Edge Works

Bets in roulette range from simple ‘coin flip’ chances such as red or black, to inside bets which have payouts of a huge 35-to-1. Having an understanding of how these odds are calculated and how they affect your overall bankroll and betting strategy can help your Roulette game immensely. This includes understanding which wheel has the best return on the bets you make.

What is the House Edge in Roulette?

House edge is the long-term profit casinos make from every bet. This will vary between games (Keno is particularly loathsome at 27% while basic bets in Baccarat are under 1.25%). Roulette’s house edge clocks in at 5.26% for the US wheel and 2.7% for the single zero European version.

How is the House Edge Calculated?

A straight-up bet requires 1 of 38 numbers (the 1-36 numbers along with 0 and 00) to come in, meaning you are facing odds of 37-1 against your number winning (36-1 against with the European wheel).

You might also like: Our Roulette House Edge page to learn more about what it is and how to calculate it.

35 to 1 Payout in Roulette

When you are lucky enough to win a straight-up bet, the payout is only 35-1. Putting this into dollar terms, a winning $1 bet on the number 19 will result in a $35 profit when the true odds dictate that you should receive $37 instead. Taking this into consideration, you can calculate the house edge of Roulette by simply taking that $2 difference and divide it by 38 (the total amount of numbers on the table).

It’s All About the Zeroes – Payouts for O and OO Roulette

For ‘outside’ bets the edge is controlled by the zeroes. When you bet on red/black or odd/even (for example) and the ball lands on the green zero – all bets lose.

This means that the US wheel makes these bets twice as likely to lose as the European wheel. There is a 3rd variation of the game, known as ‘French Roulette’, which returns half of your stake from even money bets when the ball hits the single zero slot. This lowers the house edge considerably. Though exactly how much, will depend on the proportion of inside and outside bets you make.

Roulette Payouts & Odds – Conclusion

If possible, try to find a French roulette wheel when you play, but at the very least stick with a European wheel.

The American wheels cut your playing time in half by charging you twice the house edge of the European wheels.

Bookmark this Roulette Payouts & Odds page for future reference.

You can find European wheels in almost every online casino, including all of the ones we recommend on this site and in most land-based casinos. If you don’t see a single zero wheel ask someone. If they don’t offer one consider playing somewhere else.

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