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What happened to Atlantis, The Ancient Lost City? Ever since I learned about the story of the lost city of Atlantis as a child, I was forever captivated by the lore. While I always believed Atlantis might sink, I often pondered was it real or just another myth. Please read on to learn what I discovered.

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1What Happened to Atlantis?

Check out what happened to atlantis! This top 10 list shows the most current theories surrounding the location of the mysterious los city of atlantis! Whatever happened to Atlantic City? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations.

2Michael Tsarion: What Happened to Atlantis
3Creating Human Worker Slaves
5Native Americans & Atlantis
6Michael Salla
9Ignatius Donnelly – Atlantis
11Wes Penre Writes About Atlantis
12The Atlantis & Halloween Connection

“There are some protruding portions that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great Atlantean continent The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of the same that may be seen in the present, if a geological survey would be made, notably in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these [portions] may yet be determined.” – Edgar Cayce

According to my research, the Ancient City of Atlantis was once a technologically advanced society that was destroyed about 10- 12,000 (13,000 B.C.) years ago by a cataclysmic event.

Probably by the biblical flood, perhaps by their technology, perhaps from a naturally occurring phenomenon, maybe the Earth’s magnetic poles shifted.

Atlantis is indeed one of the great unresolved mysteries of the world today, and most people want to know what happened to it.

Many questions people have about Atlantis are:

  • How did Atlantis sink?
  • Is Atlantis Real?
  • Where is Atlantis located?
  • Facts on Atlantis?
  • When did Atlantis Sink?
  • Did Poseidon Rule Atlantis?

What Happened to Atlantis?

Atlantis is one of the most commonly asked questions from curious seekers of the once great and powerful city. Atlantis possibly stretched from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean to the Canary and Azores Island’s, near Western Africa and Spain.

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Also, the British Isles are remnants of the Northeastern part of Atlantis, and this is why the small islands of Britain and Ireland are such powerful and magical places. In my opinion, wherever you find Ancient Megalith’s and Pyramids, you have what I call “Atlantean Transplants.”

I believe that the Island of Bermuda is a possible remnant of Atlantis. Look at all the strange occurrences that happen in the Bermuda Triangle. This may be caused by some still functioning technology submerged underwater. Atlantis is believed to be the size of Libya and Asia combined.

Atlanteans were mystical and a dominant society and known for their engineering and architecture.

Aztecs, Mayans, Vikings, North American Indians, and North Africans all have stories of a continent that disappeared after a great flood. Plato was a Socrates student; he wrote two dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, around 355 B.C., which refers explicitly to Atlantis.

Plato learned about Atlantis from a Greek political leader named Solon. Solon learned about Atlantis while visiting Egyptian Priests.

Edgar Cayce, known as the “Sleeping Prophet” in 1938, predicted the discovery of Atlantis during one of his self-induced sleep states. Cayce could place his mind in contact with all time and space.

He could access the Akashic Records, which is like a Universal Library of everything that has ever been thought, said, or done.

Bimini Road

The Bimini Road was discovered in 1968 in the westernmost part of the Bahamas. Is it possible that the Bimini Road was once part of the continent of Atlantis?

Some researchers believe that it is a human-made road, while others think it is a natural beach rock that happened to fracture. Edgar Cayce referred to Bimini as one of the mountaintops of Atlantis.

Many of the people of Atlantis had forewarning about a possible attack on their continent. Many fled to different parts of the world, including North America, Central, South America, Africa, Spain, and Great Britain.

Michael Tsarion: What Happened to Atlantis

According to the author, filmmaker, and researcher Michael Tsarion, Iceland, Britain, and Ireland are all Atlantis’ remnants. After the destruction of Atlantis, these people spread out worldwide, including Central America, the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, and Egypt.

According to Tsarion, Atlantis is not a continent but rather a base or headquarters for control. Back in the days of Atlantis, there were five continents on Earth: Appalachia, Tyrennia, Oceania, Beringia, and Fennoscandia. Our present continents are remnants of these.

Appalachia was in the North, where Alaska is or where the Arctic is now, right across past Greenland, Iceland, into the U.K. and Sweden and Siberia. The whole area, but specifically the part between Greenland and England, is where Atlantis was on a vast continent – you could walk the entire way.

Nephilim Refugees

Tsarion states that a race of beings called the (Nephilim) was being chased into our Solar System and took refuge on Earth while pretending to be on another planet located between Mars and Jupiter. This planet was known as Tiamat.

We read from various sources that approximately 50,000 years ago, our solar system’s specific planetary body was mysteriously destroyed. This body has been called: Tiamat, Phaeton, Lucifer, Marduk, Maldek, Rahab, and even Luna (not connected to the name later given to the moon).

It was believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and was referred to as the “second sun” and may have been mistaken as such because its atmosphere was resplendent with reflections of the actual sun.

This is not as improbable as it sounds since Venus, the “Morning Star,” the second planet from the sun and the third brightest object in the sky, is so bright that it casts a distinct shadow on a moonless night.

They erected a makeshift radar-type station beacon or homing device on Tiamat so their pursuers would think they were hiding out there.

The beings that were chasing them destroyed Tiamat, believing their prey was hiding out on it when, in fact, they were hiding out underground on Earth. Upon their arrival, they almost immediately went underground into existing caverns that they knew existed through scans of the planet.


They also descended into other caverns that they cut out of the living rock.

  • Tiamat was an entire water planet, and some believe that dolphins and whales originally come from this planet.
  • Tiamat, or what is left of it, is now known as the asteroid belt.
  • Tiamat was destroyed around 50,000 years ago.

Tsarion claims that Earth was a heavily forested place when the persecuted beings came here.

The future Atlantean beings became stuck here when their pursuers cast an Etheric net around the Earth, controlled by the Moon. Since then, the Earth became a prison planet for them because they cannot get past it.

They want to leave Earth and try to create technology that would allow them to penetrate the global quarantine that has kept them stuck on Earth for at least 50,000 years.

According to Tsarion, these beings are not benevolent; their only goal is to maintain control on this planet, while at the same time, desperately trying to escape it.

Fish Falling From the Sky

Have you ever heard the stories of fish falling from the sky? This is not some holy, religious experience; it is merely remnants of the planet Tiamat/Asteroid belt releasing some of its inhabitants when it is closer to Earth’s gravitational pull.

As researchers like Charles Fort have so splendidly collated, our Earth has seen strange rains of fish and frogs, oil and stone, hail, and ice descending from the skies. What was kept back is that these anomalies are the remains of an entire planet, Tiamat.

The waters of its vast ocean became frozen in space. When they entered our atmosphere, they liquefied, depositing their often live contents on the surface of Earth to the perplexion and bemusement of witnesses. Remember, Tiamat was a water planet full of sea creatures.

Creating Human Worker Slaves

After Atlantis was constructed, the alien-visitors sought to establish the “New Order” over their minions, the former natural and nature-loving Earth inhabitants. One way they sought to accomplish their goal involved biogenetic interference with and alteration of the indigenous Earth inhabitants.

Such a practice was known to be a cardinal sin, and so, initially, regular sexual intercourse was attempted with unsatisfactory results.

And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the Earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose. (Genesis 6-8)

And the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had companied conceived, but they were unable to bring forth their children, and they died. And of the children who were in their wombs, some died, and some came forth, having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels. (The Ethiopian Kebra Nagast)

Some critical modern writers, such as Brinsley La Pour Trench, Barbara Marciniak, and William Bramley, have espoused other relevant theories that seek to account for the presence of evil in the world. These accounts relate to the same idea of alien visitation and colonization.

In this case, the foreign invaders are referred to either as the “Serpent People” or the “Brotherhood of the Snake.”

It has been repeatedly noted that though physical snakes were unknown on most islands, the symbol of the snake or serpent on carvings, etc. On Atlantis, genetic experiments were begun on indigenous Earth humans with the equipment that was brought from the alien planet of origin:

And God said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…(Genesis 1:26).

The race that they subsequently created, the “Sons of the Serpents,” possessed the DNA of their alien fathers, as well as that of the indigenous Earth people, the Homo Sapiens.

(In the Bible, the correct translation of “create” is “build.”) These genetically created offspring were made to serve their creators’ needs in the “Garden of Edinu or Eden.”

They are “Homo Atlantis.”

These false envoys and overlords imposed taxation, enforced slavery and sacrifice, and generally lived off the hybrid Earth people’s labor. The indigenous people of Earth did not rebel immediately against these foreign oppressors.

Influential, assertive leaders, it seems, were needed after the destruction of Tiamat.

The false ones promised consolidation, order, safety, and privilege. They instigated hierarchic control, labor division, merit-oriented advance, and induced conditions that inevitably lead to man’s disconnection from nature.

Serpent Masters

Unluckily for the “Serpent Masters,” this first-born progeny eventually began to chafe against their imposed servitude.

Their human qualities and sensibilities were such that they were not only lofty of intellect but were possessed of a moral and spiritual dimension utterly lacking in their extraterrestrial masters. As a result of this, they openly began to resist their creators, whom they disliked and came to physically out-number.

It is written that these “Sons of the Serpent” would not recognize the superiority of their masters.

Finally, after an unspecified period, most of the “Sons of the Serpents” leave the Garden of Edinu (Atlantis) and vacate the continent of Appalachia, relocating to Oceania later known as Lemuria, where today’s Pacific Ocean is.

The Mayans & Atlantis

The Mayan civilization was located in Southern Mexico and Guatemala. The Mayans had met a man named Kukulcan around the time after the sinking of Atlantis, who had taught the Mayan natives about government, agriculture, medicine, and astronomy.

The Mayans viewed Kukulcan as a god because of his vast knowledge and authority. Also, in Egypt, kingdoms were being established along with all the same teachings as Kukulcan.

The movie 10,000 B.C. gives you an idea of what was happening around this time in Egypt. Pyramid building is synonymous with Atlantis.

Native Americans & Atlantis

I believe that Native Americans are a hybrid race of indigenous people and Atlantean survivors. Native Americans are synonymous with spiritual wisdom, pagan rituals, and connection to the earth and Mother Nature. Perhaps all contributions from their Atlantean ancestors.

Some believe that Atlanteans were an extraterrestrial race of beings from Mars. Mars once had an atmosphere and terrain similar to earth, but a cataclysmic event made Mars uninhabitable. So the people of Mars came to Earth for relocation purposes.

They set up their civilization on a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and on Mt Olympus in Greece.

Mars Refugees

The Mars Refugee story sounds plausible as well to me. Imagine for a second that there was a war between Tiamat/Maldek (the current asteroid belt) and Mars. Or perhaps the explosion of Tiamat destroyed Mars’s atmosphere, or there was a war on Mars itself that destroyed their atmosphere.

I don’t know for sure what happened on Mars.

Still, it has been stated that when people are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, humans have a circadian rhythm frequency of 24 hours 40 minutes, which corresponds not to the rotational period of the Earth but of Mars!

Imagine you are on a planet whose atmosphere has been decimated. You are forced underground and in desperate need of a solution. The nearest planet is earth.

What would you do? It has also been purported that Mars has pyramids on it, and so does Egypt and many other places on the earth. Martians built the pyramids on earth using their advanced technology.

Have you noticed the amount of back pain, allergies, and other diseases most humans experience?

We all burn in the Sun, and we all will die if we are subjected to freezing weather, unlike other mammals designed for this planet, perhaps because we are not intended for the conditions on this planet.

David Icke talks about the Mars connection in his book: The Biggest Secret.

A friend of mine in California, Brian Desborough, is a researcher and scientist I have great respect for. He has been involved in aerospace research and has been employed in this and other scientific research by many companies.

Brian is a feet-on-the-ground guy who looks at all the evidence and goes where it, rather than convention, takes him.

He has compiled some highly detailed and compelling information about the ancient world and its connection to the Brotherhood manipulation of today.

While he worked for a major United States corporation in the 1960s, their physicists completed their own independent studies which suggested that about 4,800 BC a huge body, which we now know as Jupiter, careered into our solar system.

The outer planets were thrown into disarray and Jupiter eventually crashed into a planet which orbited between the present Jupiter and Mars.

The physicists said the remains of this planet became the asteroid belt and that part of Jupiter broke away to become what we now call Venus.

As Venus, then a vast chunk of the matter was projected into space, it destroyed the atmosphere and life of Mars before it was caught by the Earth’s gravitational field, the study claimed.

Venus made several orbits of the Earth before its momentum hurled it into its current position in the solar system.

It was those orbits, the physicists said, that brought devastation and a tidal wave about 4,800 BC.

They believed, as Brian Desborough does, that before this time Mars orbited where the Earth is now and the Earth was much closer to the Sun. The brilliant light of Venus as it passed close to the Earth may have led to the idea of Lucifer, the ‘light bringer.’

The most ancient Mesopotamian and Central American records do not include Venus in their planetary accounts, only later does it appear. There was an obsession with Venus in many cultures, with human sacrifices being made to it.

Desborough says that the Earth’s closer proximity to the Sun demanded that the first Earth humans were the black races with the pigmentation to cope with the much fiercer rays of the Sun.

Ancient skeletons found near Stonehenge in England and along the west coast of France display the nasal and spinal characteristics of many female Africans.

Desborough says that Mars, then with a climate very much like ours, had a white race before the Venus cataclysm. His research has convinced him that the white Martians built the pyramids which have been recorded on Mars and they went to war with an advanced black race to conquer the Earth.

These wars, he says, are the wars of the ‘gods’ described in endless ancient texts, not least the Hindu Vedas. Desborough adds that after the cataclysm, the White Martians who had settled on Earth were stranded here without their technology and with their home planet devastated.

These white Martians, he says, became the white peoples of the Earth. Fascinatingly, some scientists claim that when white people are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, their circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours 40 minutes, which corresponds not to the rotational period of the Earth, but of Mars!

This is not the case with non-white races who are in tune with the Earth’s rotation.

Desborough believes that these white Martians were the highly advanced race of the ancient world known as the Phoenicians or Aryans and they began the long process of returning to their former technological power after the upheavals which destroyed the surface of their own planet and devastated this one.

My own research supports this basic theme, although, like everyone seeking the truth of what happened, I have many questions.

A white race, known as the Phoenicians and other names, was certainly the ‘brains’ behind the Egyptian civilization, at least from the period around 3,000 BC, and the Giza Plateau, where the Great Pyramid was built, was formerly known as El-Kahira, a name which derived from the Arabic noun, El-Kahir, their name for Mars.
— David Icke; The Biggest Secret

More from David Icke in his book: …And The Truth shall set you free.

They said that the ETs told them how a planet called Melchedek had once existed in our solar system, but the Melchedekans had become obsessed with the material world and they destroyed their environment.

In the end, they exploded so many nuclear devices during tests and conflicts that the planet broke apart and itself exploded. The asteroid belt was said to be part of the remnants of Melchedek.

According to the stories of the contactees in the survey, about 5,000 of the Melchedekan ‘elite’ escaped and landed on the Earth in the place we know as Sumer, now Iraq. The Melchedekan race were described as blond haired and blue-eyed. The “Aryan” ‘Master Race’ described by Adolf Hitler.

These were the ‘gods’ described in the Sumerian tablets, this story goes, and as time passed they used their advanced knowledge of genetics to create a new race of Earth people – the white race we see today.

This was symbolized by the story of Adam and Eve and forbidding them to eat from the tree of knowledge was symbolic of the plan to keep the Earth races ignorant of who they really were.

In effect, a slave race was created and this has continued to the present day. The contactees said that it was the Melchedekans who became known as the Elohim in the Biblical texts. I think this Fourth Dimensional force is known by many names. David Icke …and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Michael Salla

Michael Salla of exopolitics.org gives details of a tall, thin race of beings that arrived from Mars approximately 55,000 years ago called the Anshar, which settled in present-day Antarctica.

These 10-12 foot tall “Pre-Adamites” had elongated skulls and a small potbelly, precisely as many Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had. You can see a pic of the Anshar here.

What Has Happened To Atlantic City


Atlantis was founded by the sea-god Poseidon and was named after Poseidon’s first-born son Atlas. According to the scholar Alan Alford, the name “Atlantis ” translates into the daughter of Atlas.

It is derived from the root ‘ tlao,’ to suffer or to bear. Literally, ‘ A-tlao ‘ to bear or suffer together.

Apparently, there was some war between Atlantis (Poseidon) and the Athenians in Greece (Zeus).


It may be possible that Zeus used a weapon of mass destruction to destroy Atlantis. Zeus was known for throwing thunderbolts, which were probably a metaphor for nuclear power or an atomic blast.

We tend to believe that now we reached a height of civilization that has never been touched. This is not true; culture has achieved higher advancements than where we are now. Do you believe that workers were able to build the pyramids using ropes and pulleys?

During the Great Pyramids, building an advanced civilization had constructed the pyramids using technology than we have today. I have also read that the pyramids were built using water to lift the larger stones into place. Did you know that the head on the Sphinx is not the original?

If you look at it, you will notice that the head is too small for the body. The head of a much later Pharaoh was carved out of the original head of the Sphinx. This was probably done near the fall of Egypt.

Egyptian Sphinx

The original head of the Sphinx was the Ram-headed Egyptian deity Khnum. If you look at this image of a Ram Sphinx of Luxor here, you can see how easy it would be to carve a human head out from the much larger head of the Ram.

Take a look at the Sphinx of Giza here and note the bump-out near the bottom of the chest area. It looks at the same spot where the man’s figure, located beneath the chin in the Ram Sphinx photo, would be situated.

Other sources claim the original eastward facing Sphinx had the head of a Lion because it was constructed during Leo’s astrological age.

Author Wes Penre Claims that one of Marduk’s first things was to rewrite history when he took over Egypt’s rule.

He immediately removed the head of the Sphinx, which previously was sculptured in the image of Marduk’s brother Ningishzidda/Thoth, and replaced it with Asar/Osiris, Marduk’s son; this is the head we see on today’s Sphinx.

(Enki/Ea Marduk’s and Thoth’s father asked Thoth to leave Egypt and gave it to Marduk to rule because they had been fighting over control of Egypt for 350 years.)

The three great pyramids and the Sphinx were built using Atlantean technology. Most of the Atlantean people, culture, and technology got absorbed into nearby areas after the cataclysm. Crystals were widely used during the time of Atlantis.

Here is a list of common uses for crystals:

– Healing, childbirth, crossing over
Meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities
– Increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought
– Science and technology
– Dematerialization – teleportation – telekinesis
– Magnetic force fields
– Libraries – storing records and other knowledge, much like a computer
– Botany and agriculture
– Weather Control
– Huge crystal tower power generators

It is believed that ancient pyramids would have a giant crystal on top of it to harness the energies of the sun, moon, stars, and earth. A crystal can be recharged by placing it in the sun for at least several hours.

The larger the crystal, the more power it will have. I have carried a ‘charged crystal’ in my pocket several times to see its effect on people. What it did for me was it increased my vibration and gave my body a stronger output signal.

I noticed when people came up to talk to me that on some level, they could sense the crystal too.

They seemed as if they were enjoying the energy coming out of me. What they were experiencing was the charged crystal that I was carrying. Researcher and Speaker Alex Collier claim extraterrestrials built the Pyramids from Orion and Sirius B. The Egyptian word: Al-Quhria means to conquer.

Cairo Means Mars

It also means Cairo, which is the capital city of Egypt. The root of this Egyptian word is Al-Qahir. This word means Mars, and it has been in the Egyptian language for thousands and thousands of years.

The pyramids on Mars: There are 22 in all. Many of them are smaller, but there are 22. They were built by those beings from the constellation of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Rigel; those known to us as the Orion group. Many different people have different theories on what they were for.

Yes, they do look like the shape of a constellation and a few other things. But their most significant purpose was to stabilize the rotation of the planet.

All plants have a wobble. Some are worse than others. The planet that we live on, in one year our North Pole moves, instead of just being in a small little circle like this on its axis, it wobbles as much as 74 feet. And its wobbling more and more all the time, which is why you see a tremendous change in our weather patterns as well.

Not to mention that the electrical, magnetic field, the grid system of the Earth is starting to short out because of pollution and negativity. The pyramids are built to stabilize the wobble. They act like weights on a tire.

Many pyramids on Earth that will be found, and also on Mars are not just built on the soil like this and come up. Underneath is another pyramid that is built down into the Earth, and the upper half which we see is built on top of it.

So it acts like a magnet of some sort, or as a dual weight. That is what the Andromedans tell the was the purpose of the pyramids, and they are everywhere. They are all over the galaxy.

The Pleiadians have built them, the Andromedans, the Orions; everybody uses them because they are simple and it works, and they last forever.

57,600 B.C. Atlantis is Founded

57,600 B.C. Atlantis is founded. Somewhere between the establishment of Lemuria and the establishment of Atlantis, the Pleiadians get angry, and they leave a misunderstanding. They come back to the star system, and Atlantis is founded.

It is the Pleiadians again, the Nibiru, Aldebaran, Antariaens, the Hayades, a group from Sagittarius, and the Andromendans make a guest appearance. Except for Nibiru, all of these are O2s that establish Atlantis.

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Some of them of the Nibiruan tribe are oxygen breathers because they come from Sirius. But those that come from Butese are hydrogen.

They can still operate and function as long as they wear a helmet.

  • 31,017 BC: Lemuria is destroyed in a war.
  • 27,603 BC: Atlantis is destroyed.

Ignatius Donnelly – Atlantis

The Atlanteans were, as Plato tells us, a maritime, commercial people, trading up the Mediterranean as far as Egypt and Syria, and across the Atlantic to “the whole opposite continent that surrounds the sea;” the Phœnicians, as their successors and descendants, and colonized on the shores of the Mediterranean, inherited their civilization and their maritime habits, and with these that invention [Compass] without which their great voyages were impossible.

Atlantis, with its sacrifices of fruits and flowers. This passed directly to their colony in Egypt. We find the Egyptians in their early ages [were] sun and planet worshippers. Ptah was the object of their highest adoration.

He is the father of the god of the sun, the ruler of the region of light. Ra was the sun-god. He was the supreme divinity at On, or Heliopolis, near Memphis. His symbol was the solar disk, supported by two rings. He created all that exists below the heavens.

In this text above, Ptah would be Enki, also known as Poseidon, and the god of the sun; Ra, is Enki’s son Marduk. Notice how the text above mentions that Egypt initially was a colony of Atlantis.

On the monuments of Central America, there are representations of bearded men. The leader and civilizer of the Nahua family was Quetzalcoatl. This is the legend respecting him:

“From the distant East, from the fabulous Hue Hue Tlapalan, this mysterious person came to Tula, and became the patron god and high-priest of the ancestors of the Toltecs. He is described as having been a white man, with strong formation of body, broad forehead, large eyes, and flowing beard.

He wore a mitre on his head, and was dressed in a long white robe reaching to his feet, and covered with red crosses. In his hand, he held a sickle.

His habits were ascetic, he never married, was most chaste and pure in life, and is said to have endured penance in a neighboring mountain, not for its effects upon himself, but as a warning to others.

He condemned sacrifices, except of fruits and flowers, and was known as the god of peace; for, when addressed on the subject of war, he is reported to have stopped his ears with his fingers.” (“North Amer. of Antiq.,” p. 268.)

“He was skilled in many arts: he invented” (that is, imported) “gem-cutting and metal-casting; he originated letters, and invented the Mexican calendar.

He finally returned to the land in the East from which he came: leaving the American coast at Vera Cruz, he embarked in a canoe made of serpent-skins, and ‘sailed away into the east.'” (Ibid., p. 271.)

There are many indications that there were three races of men dwelling on Atlantis. Noah, according to Genesis, had three sons–Shem, Ham, and Japheth–who represented three different races of men of different colors.

The Greek legends tell us of the rebellions inaugurated at different times in Olympus. One of these was a rebellion of the Giants, “a race of beings sprung from the blood of Uranos,” the great original progenitor of the stock.

“Their king or leader was Porphyrion, their most powerful champion Alkyoneus.” Their mother was the earth: this probably meant that they represented the common people of a darker line. They made a desperate struggle for supremacy, but were conquered by Zeus.

There were also two rebellions of the Titans. The Titans seem to have had a government of their own, and the names of twelve of their kings are given in the Greek mythology (see Murray, p. 27).

They also were of “the blood of Uranos,” the Adam of the people. We read, in fact, that Uranos married Gæa (the earth), and had three families: 1, the Titans; 2, the Hekatoncheires; and 3, the Kyklopes.

We should conclude that the last two were maritime peoples, and I have shown that their mythical characteristics were probably derived from the appearance of their ships.

Here we have, I think, a reference to the three races: 1, the red or sunburnt men, like the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Basques, and the Berber and Cushite stocks; 2, the sons of Shem, possibly the yellow or Turanian race; and 3, the whiter men, the Aryans, the Greeks, Kelts, Goths, Slavs, etc.

If this view is correct, then we may suppose that colonies of the pale-faced stock may have been sent out from Atlantis to the northern coasts of Europe at different and perhaps widely separated periods of time, from some of which the Aryan families of Europe proceeded; hence the legend, which is found among them, that they were once forced to dwell in a country where the summers were only two months long.

WHAT proof have we that the Egyptians were a colony from Atlantis?

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1.They claimed descent from “the twelve great gods,” which must have meant the twelve gods of Atlantis, to wit, Poseidon and Cleito and their ten sons.

2. According to the traditions of the Phoenicians, the Egyptians derived their civilization from them; and as the Egyptians far antedated the rise of the Phœnician nations proper, this must have meant that Egypt derived its civilization from the same country to which the Phoenicians owed their own origin.

The Phoenician legends show that Misor, from whom, the Egyptians were descended, was the child of the Phoenician gods Amynus and Magus. Misor gave birth to Taaut, the god of letters, the inventor of the alphabet, and Taaut became Thoth, the god of history of the Egyptians. Sanchoniathon tells us that “Chronos (king of Atlantis) visited the South, and gave all Egypt to the god Taaut, that it might be his kingdom.” “Misor” is probably the king “Mestor” named by Plato.

3. According to the Bible, the Egyptians were descendants of Ham, who was one of the three sons of Noah who escaped from the Deluge, to wit, the destruction of Atlantis.

4. The great similarity between the Egyptian civilization and that of the American nations.

5. The fact that the Egyptians claimed to be red men.

6. The religion of Egypt was pre-eminently sun-worship, and Ra was the sun-god of Egypt, Rama, the sun of the Hindoos, Rana, a god of the Toltecs, Raymi, the great festival of the sun of the Peruvians, and Rayam, a god of Yemen.

7. The presence of pyramids in Egypt and America.

8. The Egyptians were the only people of antiquity who were well-informed as to the history of Atlantis. The Egyptians were never a maritime people, and the Atlanteans must have brought that knowledge to them. They were not likely to send ships to Atlantis.

9. We find another proof of the descent of the Egyptians from Atlantis in their belief as to the “under-world.” This land of the dead was situated in the West–hence the tombs were all placed, whenever possible, on the west bank of the Nile. The constant cry of the mourners as the funeral procession moved forward was, “To the west; to the west.”

This under-world was beyond the water, hence the funeral procession always crossed a body of water. “Where the tombs were, as in most cases, on the west bank of the Nile, the Nile was crossed; where they were on the eastern shore the procession passed over a sacred lake.” (R. S. Poole, Contemporary Review, August, 1881, p. 17.) In the procession was “a sacred ark of the sun.”

10. There is no evidence that the civilization of Egypt was developed in Egypt itself; it must have been transported there from some other country. To use the words of a recent writer in Blackwood,

“Till lately it was believed that the use of the papyrus for writing was introduced about the time of Alexander the Great; then Lepsius found the hieroglyphic sign of the papyrus-roll on monuments of the twelfth dynasty; afterward be found the same sign on monuments of the fourth dynasty, which is getting back pretty close to Menes, the protomonarch; and, indeed, little doubt is entertained that the art of writing on papyrus was understood as early as the days of Menes himself.

The fruits of investigation in this, as many other subjects, are truly most marvellous. Instead of exhibiting the rise and progress of any branches of knowledge, they tend to prove that nothing had any rise or progress, but that everything is referable to the very earliest dates.

The experience of the Egyptologist must teach him to reverse the observation of Topsy, and to ‘`spect that nothing growed,’ but that as soon as men were planted on the banks of the Nile they were already the cleverest men that ever lived, endowed with more knowledge and more power than their successors for centuries and centuries could attain to.

>>>Source: http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/ataw/ataw502.htm

My theory is that Egypt became unmanageable through overwhelming immigration, invasion, war, and too much expansion. Much the same happened later to Power Cultures like Rome, Portugal, Greece, and Spain.

Now we see the same phenomenon occurring in northwestern Europe and America with massive immigration replacing the current dominant population. I also believe the later Power Cultures that I mentioned above were colonies of or at least highly influenced by Ancient Egypt.

Crystals and Atlantis

A crystal is also a useful tool to attract negative energies in a room. I leave one in my truck to absorb my negativity while I am driving. It is effortless to get frustrated while driving, and a crystal can be a handy tool to absorb those negative energies.

When you decide to clean your crystals of accumulated energy, place it in a window where it can get the sun, or soak it in sea salt water for an hour, you can also bury your crystal in the earth overnight to ground the energies back into the planet.

Wes Penre Writes About Atlantis

According to Plato’s story, Poseidon (EA) took an additional wife, Cleito, who was a mortal human female. She bore him five sets of twins, of which Atlas was the oldest and most powerful (the term Atlantis comes from the name Atlas).

Poseidon promised Cleito to make Atlantis an absolute paradise. So he built a city by the ocean and put a temple in the middle of the town. the legend also goes, Poseidon cast down a gift from heaven, a large, beautiful crystal that he ‘gave to the people.’

Because this crystal came from ‘God,’ the people worshiped it, giving them longevity. I believe it did, but not in the way the legend tells us. The genetic engineering team used crystals and quartz in vast quantities when they created and manipulated life forms in their laboratories, and there were undoubtedly labs in Atlantis.

Still, Poseidon gave humankind longevity; in fact, he gave them longer lives than humans had ever had and would ever have up until today. They became semi-gods after they had eaten both from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.


Plato said that according to the Egyptians, the northern parts of the Atlantean Islands consisted mostly of mountains, and so did the shorelines of the north. In the south, there was a vast plane of an elliptical shape. On the central island, where the main city and a Palace were built, Poseidon and his human wife were to reside.

Atlas, the eldest son, became King of the region around today’s Atlas Mountains in the east (today’s north and northwestern Africa), where he was born. His other sons were all to “rule over many men and a large territory.”

Read the whole post here.

The Atlantis & Halloween Connection

From our ancient times, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, represents the day before the destruction of Atlantis. November 1 (11/1 or111), is the day of destruction, and November 2 is the day after. Atlantean survivors left Atlantis and went to other continents.

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Wherever you see pyramids, you know Atlantean refugees went there and set up their political structures.

November 2nd is the day after the final destruction of Atlantis, and that is why in America, election day is on November 2nd because the Atlanteans had to re-elect their politicians in new locations. In some of our religious vernacular these days; this translates into All Hallows Eve, All Souls Day and All Saints Day, and is the idea of the destruction of the Atlantean landmass approximately 11 to 12 thousand years ago.

Coming Back Full Circle

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Some spiritual types believe that many Atlanteans are reincarnating at this time, mainly in America. They allow themselves to decide if they want to continue to go the same way (destructive) or a new route.

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I hope this post answered the question about what happened to Atlantis.

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  1. Sources: David Icke – Human Race Get Off Your Knees

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