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Season 16 of The Bachelorette is finally here, and in episode one, we got a glimpse of Clare Crawley’s pool of men. She said with confidence at the rose ceremony that her husband was standing in that room, and it will be interesting to see if she’s right.

Interesting, because the previews following the first episode indicate all hell is about to break loose. I also covered this when I broke down how to bet on The Bachelorette.

We Bet You Can't Remember What Each Bachelor and Bachelorette's Real-Life Job Was Peter Weber isn't The Bachelor's first pilot Bachelor: Look back on all of the ABC hit franchise's leads' job titles. If you’re going to bet on who will make it to the end of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” you’ll have to be color blind not to notice a racial trend when it comes to the.

It’s unclear what is really going to happen. All we know is that Crawley looks slated to exit the show a lot sooner than expected, and the guys don’t seem too happy about it.

People are going to cry, Crawley is going to leave, and as Chris Harrison always says, this will be the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette ever.

Stop me if you’ve heard that a thousand times before.

He may actually be right this time, though, as I can’t remember a better season of The Bachelorette worth betting on. In fact, I’m already looking high and low for ways to bet on The Bachelorette this year.

Sadly, none of the most reliable betting websites are offering wagers just yet. If/when they do, here’s a fun list of The Bachelorette season 16 prop bets that need to exist.


How Many Times Someone Says “For the Right Reasons”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this phrase. Whether it’s on The Bachelorette or another show within the ABC franchise, it seems these words are uttered multiple times per episode.

Is it scripted? Are contestants just this bland? Maybe it’s a little of both.

As nauseous as it makes me to hear it, I’d at least like the chance to profit from it. The question isn’t whether someone will say “for the right reasons”, though. It’s how many times.

You can go back and forth in regards to what the right reasons actually are, but I just want a number to target.

I set my personal over/under at 2.5, but The Bachelorette betting websites may want to nudge it up a bit higher to reflect the insane amount of times these words are actually said.

Okay, you’re here for the right reasons, and those are to make money betting on The Bachelorette. And to be entertained, surely.

Those two sentiments could go hand and hand going into episode two, should The Bachelorette betting websites offer a prop dealing with the next guy(s) to go.

Clare Crawley is about to throw The Bachelorette on its side, but before she does, she’s going to send some fellas home in tears. Refresh your memory as to who Clare sent home already, and then cross your fingers that online betting sites offer a wager dealing with the next guy to go.

The obvious target has to be Yosef, who comes off as the least genuine guy in this season’s pool of dudes competing for Clare’s heart.

He won the battle of wits with the now eliminated Tyler C., which has to be due to the show thinking it’d be hilarious (and good drama) if he stuck around.

Yosef’s presence will surely lead to some more theatrics at some point. The question is if it’ll see him exiting as early as episode two. Just be sure to brush up on The Bachelorette season 16 cast members before placing any bet.

Will Someone Leave in an Ambulance?

I swear, this happens every season. Someone has an anxiety attack, fakes an injury, or falls down some stairs.

To be clear, sometimes cast members really do get hurt, and anxiety attacks are also real. But whether it’s all staged, or something legit goes down, we can always expect some type of drama to ensue.

I’d like a nice price to place this bet, of course. Something like this would suffice.

There could be a physical altercation, one of the guys gets too stressed out, or maybe a challenge goes awry. Whatever the case, we should be able to bet on whether or not someone leaves The Bachelorette in an ambulance.

Will Someone’s Scorned Lover Interrupt the Show?

Another common issue in past seasons of The Bachelorette productions (as well as other franchise series) is someone coming in to mess things up.

A scorned lover can show up in an attempt to win someone back, or even to expose them. Other Bachelor contestants have been known to pop in and profess their love, too.

Chris Bukowski and Nick Viall are two obvious guys who crashed The Bachelorette before, and it wouldn’t be that shocking to see it happen again.

With that type of drama staring us in our unsuspecting faces, it’d be nice if we could bet on if it happens, and which guy could drop in on season 16.

There is a laundry list of potential The Bachelorette props with this one. We don’t know how long Clare will actually be around this season, but considering her dogs already debuted in episode one, it stands to reason they’re along for the ride.

The clock may be ticking on hopping on this wager type, but the options feel endless.

From the dogs licking someone’s face to (hopefully not) biting someone, to dropping a deuce in the middle of a rose ceremony, there are all kinds of bets to be made here.

Who Will Clare Fall For?

It’s crazy early, but so far we’re being pointed to two things; Clare Crawley leaves season 16 before she’s supposed to, and she falls for someone.

Can You Bet On The Bachelor

Early indications are it could be Dale, who she gave the first impression to.

Dale seems like a nice guy on the surface, and the trailer for future episodes suggests their connection only grows from here. Of course, it also shines a negative light on Dale from the perspective of the other guys in the house, so we could take this a number of ways.

So, is it Dale that Clare falls in love with, or someone else entirely? That’s certainly at the forefront of potential The Bachelorette prop bets we’d all love to wager on in 2020.

What Episode Will Clare Leave?

Given everything we know so far, any betting on The Bachelorette season 16 should certainly include Clare Crawley’s ultimate exit.

It would be pretty shocking at this point if we go through all of the episodes and Crawley never leaves. The trailer for the rest of the season certainly has things trending in that direction, but it doesn’t give us much of an idea as to when we can expect this big news to drop.

Where Can I Bet On The Bachelorette

Looking ahead, there seem to be quite a few guys remaining in the competition prior to Crawley plotting her exit, which could suggest this happens in the not too distant future.

Is it already coming in episode two? Episode three? When, I say, when?!?

The top entertainment betting sites offer wagers like this all the time. It should be no different for one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelorette yet.

Looking even further ahead, we should also be able to bet on who will get the final rose. No, not just who Clare Crawley decides to quit for, but who her replacement ends up picking at the end of season 16.

Of course, that’s assuming the trailer for the rest of the season is as transparent as it appears.

    #TheBachelorette Clare Crawley talks Tayshia Adams, and all those rumors: https://t.co/Q9me7sJyyZ

    — Lauren Zima (@laurenzima) October 13, 2020

Rumors tell us that’s the case, with Tayshia Adams looking to take over when Crawley bows out.

We won’t have a firm idea as to how things will proceed, whether more guys will be brought in, or who Adams will develop a connection with. But betting on who she ultimately picks should eventually be a prop we see online.


I’m sorry, but how are these all not active The Bachelorette prop bets? I’d be willing to target almost all of these, and the ones I wouldn’t, I bet die-hard fans of the hit ABC series would.

Eventually, we should be able to bet on who will get the final rose on The Bachelorette, among other things. Ideally, we can bet on The Bachelorette a heck of a lot sooner, and the wager versatility resembles something close to the list above.

Whatever props do end up existing – and no matter what the odds are – you can keep coming back here for updates and The Bachelorette predictions.

Just be sure to use the best entertainment betting sites before finalizing your wagers.

Time to pop open a bottle of rose and pass out roses, because 'The Bachelorette' is back on Tuesday night. And while Clare Crawley's upcoming season is guaranteed to be unlike any other before, here's a welcome familiar face: the return of reality television fantasy leagues at SportClub.

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Accumulate the most points by the end of the season, and you could win a $500 gift card from Kesslers.

Your weekly contestants can score and subtract additional points with categories including 10 points for snagging a date involving live music (is there any other kind on this show? It should be worth 15 points if it's a country music star), 10 points for accusing someone of being there for the wrong reasons, negative points for stripping down to the point of getting black boxed by producers and, because this is 2020 and we live in bizarre times, negative points if he tests positive for COVID. To quote Harrison, it's sure to be the most dramatic season of the Bachelorette Fantasy League yet.

And in case you're like most of the Bachelorette stars and not particularly great at picking winning guys, you can still win by also waching at SportClub and competing in Bachelorette Bingo, with weekly prizes like free food, drinks, gift cards and more.

As a fan of the show (or, to be accurate, a fan of chugging considerable amounts of wine during the show) and an even bigger fan of winning things, sure, I'll throw some first-week picks into the fray. Here are my four champion Chads for the first week of the show, solely based on their bios posted on 'The Bachelorette' website.

1. Mike: Mike is Canadian, so he probably won't score me many points in the jerkwad categories – but he 'is a proud, lifelong member of the Shania Twain fan club,' so I bet he sings 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' hopefully on the premiere. Plus, he uses the word 'vulnerable' right in his bio, so that's like a guaranteed five points right there!

Where Can I Bet On The Bachelorette Party

2. Kenny: Kenny is a boy band manager, which raises the very important question: What boy bands still exist that need representation? Does this guy live in the year 1999? Anyways, he loves music, though, so I got good vibes that he'll pull a Jed and sing or at least dance at some point. Plus, he works out with his dad so that should hopefully be five points from his introductory montage, and he hates cheese, so he's clearly a monster who cannot be trusted .. other than to score me points for how much everyone will hate him.

3. Blake: A guy described as a 'male grooming specialist'? Oh yeah, this guy's showing up in a costume or with a goofy prop on night one.

4. Jason: There are not one but TWO former pro football players this season, hoping to become the next Colton (minus the restraining orders). I'll go with Jason for the points, though, because he says 'he had his fun during his NFL days' and he 'wants a woman who can keep up with his big personality,' which all seems like code for 'I'm an ass.' Bad news for Clare – but good news for scoring those jerkwad points!

Match 21 card game spades. So be sure to pick your four champion contestants each week, send them along to SportClub before each Tuesday episode to score points in the Bachelorette Fantasy League and be sure to watch the show every Tuesday night. The best way to do so? Tune in at SportClub – either in the back boot room or, if you're more comfortable outdoors, ask to watch on the bar's lovely patio space – for wine and bubbly specials. (And, of course, by tuning into my Bachelorette recaps in video form on Facebook Live at 9:05 p.m. each Tuesday night and in print form each Wednesday morning on OnMilwaukee.)

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