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  1. Equity Calculators. The most well-known equity calculators are: PokerStove (free) Flopzilla ($25).
  2. Download Poker Software. Online Poker is more than just a game, it’s a state of mind. When you play online poker for real money, you feel the action every time the cards are dealt.We want to change the rules and make every hand you play an unforgettable experience. At Ignition Casino, you’re in control no matter what style of play you choose: you can up your game and test drive new ways to.

WinPoker a video poker trainer for the iPhone. Learn how to correctly play video poker. Use WinPoker to play while you learn! Single play, triple play, 5 play and 10 play options that can be played. Football bowl game point spreads.

Bob Dancer is the author of Million Dollar Video Poker, and Video Poker for Winners! software. Bob is the world’s foremost video poker expert and a regular columnist for Casino Player, Strictly Slots, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Tens of thousands of casino enthusiasts look to Bob Dancer for advice about playing their favorite gambling game. His Video Poker Strategy Cards, Winners Guides, videos, and software are the best-selling video poker tutorials of all time-–making Bob Dancer the most sought-after source of video poker advice in the country. When he’s not chasing jackpots, Bob can be found teaching video poker strategy to standing-room-only crowds in casinos around the country.

  • Bob is the best known video poker player and writer in the country today.
  • He has won more than $1 million during a six-month period.
  • Best known teacher of video poker having given classes at several casinos.

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He can teach you how to:

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  • Accumulate and manage a bankroll
  • Evaluate promotions
  • Cope with losing (and winning) streaks
  • Negotiate with the casinos,
  • Find and exploit the good opportunities
  • Get the comps that are coming to you
  • Take a pot shot on a big game
  • Plus much much more.
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