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Price: Free Rankings: 85 out of 100. Have you played any of WorldWinner's games? How interesting were they? Are they something you can actually recommend your friends to come and try out? Have you gotten any tokens yet? Have you won any of the cash prizes? Let us know how you are fairing with the program, below. Want a program that will help. Also note you won’t be able to withdraw bonus tokens as cash. Because there’s real cash on the line, unlike at most social casinos, WorldWinner are fairly tight with bonuses and promotions.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Is it worth it?
  3. Signing up
  4. Competition Overview
  5. How to Win
  6. The Ban Hammer
  7. Testimonials
  8. Copyright and License

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Section 1 – Introduction

According to Liberty Entertainment, Inc., the conglomerate that truly pulls the strings over at, WorldWinner allows players to compete in skilled tournaments against people across the world for real money winnings. Unlike gambling sites that feature the element of chance, WorldWinner games are “skill-based”, which means that player’s skill (as opposed to chance or luck) should be the predominant factor in player’s performance and winnings.

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However, all anyone needs to do is a quick internet search for “worldwinner scam” to find hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonials from angry gamers who have been scammed by the mega-millions competition site. This leaves new players wondering whether or not is legit, since all they have are two highly polarized sources of information, with no one in-between. What’s more, they have absolutely no way of testing the profitability of such a site without signing up.

The primary, overarching goal of this guide is to help people decide whether or not they should participate on one of the world’s largest online gaming sites, Although the pros and cons of the site are thoroughly explained in Section 2, the most concise answer we can give to the question “Is it worth it?” is NO! Gamers need to (1) know exactly what they are doing at all times, (2) be able to resist the carefully crafted features that are designed to suck them in and rob them of their money, and (3) realize that WorldWinner has reported revenue increases of over 600% in some years, and that their money comes from unknowledgeable, unsuspecting, and uncontrollably-addicted players.

Section 2 – Is it worth it?

First and foremost, you — yes, you, the one reading this guide right now — need to decide whether or not signing up on is a good idea. If you do not know exactly what you are doing, and you sign up for GSN’s Cash Games at, YOU WILL BE SCAMMED and YOU WILL END UP LOSING ALL OF YOUR MONEY. This fact CANNOT be stressed enough.

Thankfully, you have this guide to help you make the decision. Although you are encouraged to read through the entire guide if you are seriously considering putting time and effort into beating the system, this simple checklist should give you a basic idea of whether or not is right for you:

  1. Are you comfortable with giving (or falsifying) your full name, permanent residential address, phone number and credit card or other payment information to WorldWinner? As far as we can tell, based on the Terms and Conditions and user testimonials, this information will not expire and will stay stored in their system indefinitely, even after you are banned or deemed “inactive”.
  2. Are you willing to provide (NOT FALSIFY) your Social Security Number (SSN) and to receive a 1099-MISC tax form in the case that you exceed $600 in gross winnings (NOT net winnings) in any given calendar year? If you exceed $600 in gross earnings for any calendar year but refuse to provide your SSN, you may have 28% of your earnings withheld (least severe), may not be able to receive any credits in excess of $600 for that calendar year (moderately severe), and/or may be subject to having 28% of all future 1099-MISC income withheld by the Internal Revenue Service until you file a tax return.
  3. Are you willing to give up the right to resort to a class action lawsuit, and to pursue any legal actions solely through the Massachusetts court systems? From 1.2 of the terms, by entering any tournaments on WorldWinner, “you agree that any dispute that cannot be resolved between the parties shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action.You further agree that any legal action arising from any dispute shall proceed only in the state or federal courts located in Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”.
  4. Are you comfortable knowing that at any time, you can and will be banned from the site, regardless of whether or not you are actually breaking the rules? WorldWinner’s “Fraud/Risk” department is triggered by large withdrawals, NOT by your scores, gameplay, or FairMatching status. Their investigations are triggered by large withdrawals of money (> $50), and regardless of whether or not you are breaking their rules, you will be permanently banned. This has been methodologically proven and is explained further on in “Section 6 – The Ban Hammer”.
  5. Are you willing to use some type of unethical hacking or cheating techniques to scam other players out of your money? For every dollar you earn, about $1.30 is lost by other real players on the site. Unlike beating a casino, you are not actually taking any of WorldWinner’s money. They get their cut no matter who is winning (or hacking, for that matter). And if/when you are banned and have your funds confiscated, your money goes to lining their pockets, not to the players who you so deviously scammed.

In conclusion, WorldWinner is not a gambling site. It’s worse. If you’re still interested, the rest of this guide is pretty much the most comprehensive thing you’ll ever have to guide you on journey through the dangerous lands of WW.

Section 3 – Signing Up

You’ve done it. Section 2 didn’t scare you away, and you’re ready to get going, right? Wrong — you need to be able to restrain yourself at all times, remember? That starts now. How you sign up for the site makes a big difference, and here’s why:

Free cash prizes
  1. Simply joining the site and getting right to it is pretty suspicious.
  2. There is a way to get some money back from the site, and what’s more, this amount does not contribute your gross earnings as determined by WW to report to the IRS (if it exceeds $600). Simply go to, and sign up there first. (No, there’s no referral link. We’re not making any money off of you. Simply type the URL yourself and sign up with no referrer).
  3. With swagbucks, you can get a promotion where you get 1,500 SB (SwagBucks) for spending $10 on WW. What’s more, the initial sign-up bonus on WW translates that $10 into $21. Thus, by spending $10, you will receive 1500 SB (worth $17) as well as $21 on WW. Then, withdraw that money from WW to have $11 in credit left over, with no money spent and 1500 SB (~$17) in your account.

Here’s even more tips (they’re good ones, too):

  1. As you play on WW, you will have small, continuous deposits into your swagbucks account proportional to the amount of money to spend on the site, but do not enter competitions just to receive these deposits. Consider them as a bonus.
  2. If you’re really dedicated, you should make a swagbucks account and create a second swagbucks account using a referral link from the first. That way, as this second account (which you would use to sign up on WW) gains money, the first one will gain a small percentage as well, due to the referral. This percentage is currently 10%, and that would translate into 150 SB initially and 10% of future deposits, which could be significant if you plan to get a huge racket going.
  3. The username you choose on swagbucks will automatically become your WW username, with the addition of “.sb”. So, if your swagbucks username is “sw4gm4st3r”, then your WW username will be “”. This identifies you as a player who joined from swagbucks, which may calm initial suspicions if you are hacking or cheating in some other way. (Who knows, though, now that this guide has been published?)
  4. Wait more than 24 hours to withdraw the $10 you deposited to worldwinner. If you deposit and withdraw on the same day, the transactions are summed and will cancel, which may cause problems with the $11 credits you got. That’s not as important, though, as waiting until you have actually received the $10 back before you start playing.Withdraw while you still can! If you are banned, all funds and withdrawals that are processing will be seized.

Section 4 – Competition Overview

WorldWinner hosts many different types of competitions, and you would generally have to learn from experience (which would involve entry fees). To save you the time, here are the competitions you should worry about and/or target (it has been simplified to focus on what does and does not make money):

  • Tournament – Any type of tournament generally has a very large prize, generally above $1,000. No matter how tempting they may be, do NOT participate in these competitions. Even with the best hacks, you will still be beaten. Now, don’t take that as a challenge – with enough determination and skill with hacks, you could win one of these. But you don’t want to. First, it would immediately trigger the $600 threshold for the IRS getting involved. Second, you will be banned. No question about it. “You either had to hack or cheat in order to win the tournament”. This is the logic that is used to justify the ban, regardless of whether you actually hacked. Anything over $100 is definitely enough to trigger the “Fraud/Risk” department. The worst part is, even if you are permanently banned from the site, and your funds seized, you will still be charged taxes if the money you won was $600, in total, for the year. As mentioned earlier, the tournaments would definitely quality as a trigger for this chain of events.
  • Limited Entry / Super Rewards / Progressive Rush / Premium – These competition types have all been grouped together because they rely on FairMatching. This is WW’s way of (somehow) matching you up with people that are at a “similar skill level” (basically, their average score is near, and it seems usually higher, than yours). However, unlike with Tournaments, there can be some limited benefits in participating in these tournaments. Mainly, the 2-Player Limited Entry competitions are the cheapest, generally at $0.88, and you should use them in order to build up enough games in order to qualify for the “higher octane” tournaments. Some games also have a $0.99 Progressive Rush, which you may like to use in order to get some extra cash while still building up for the “high octane” requirements. The Progressive Rush has lower cuts to WW, but only when there are few players. Use it on games where not many people are near your FairMatching level. Also, when you are good (let’s not ask why), your FairMatching rank will be high. This doesn’t mean that you will be against people you can’t beat, but rather there will be nobody matched to you at all. This leads to the idea of lowering FairMatching rank by playing poorly. Although this is possible, the cost of doing this will always exceed anything you could possibly earn by having a lower FM. The FM lowers much slower than it raises.
  • Ladders – Ladders are not based on FairMatching skill, yet they do not make much net money to justify the gross money spent, if you’re concerned about taxes (and you definitely should be). Also, the only other prize that Ladders will give you, if you’re near the top, are Rewards Points. They have no true monetary value and will be seized if/when you’re banned.
  • Any Division TournamentsThese are where the money is at. Any tournament (e.g. Impressive Progressive) that has been split up into Divisions is a prime target. This is because FM is only used to determine your division, and then after you play once in that Division, you can see the standings and re-enter to score just higher than the person in #1. (Also, if you are not in the highest Division, which is always Division I, and you score high, you will still be in that lower Division until it ends). Plus, the prize pool is split across the divisions, which lowers the chance that you will trigger the “Fraud/Risk” department. Try not to win more than $80 at once, or withdraw more than $50 at once.

Section 5 – How to Win

Ah, so here is the real question. After you determine the only ways to play that could make significant money (which we mentioned before are the division tournaments), how can you guarantee a certain score? Just to make it clear, you don’t have to hack, you just have to be able to beat a certain score (namely, the person in #1) with > 90% confidence. And guess what? The only way to do that is hack.

Yeah, hacking is wrong. But you said you were comfortable with scamming others out of their money in Section 2. Plus, even if, somehow, you were magically good, guess what? You’d still be banned. It happens ALL THE TIME. Whether or not you hack truly has no significance on whether or not you are banned.

So, without further ado, and without titling this “Section 5 – How to Hack” like it really should be, here are tips on how to hack, and a few scripts that will do the majority of the work for you.

  1. Don’t make a bot that actually reads anything from the browser. Yeah, it might make things more convenient, but just make a bot that takes screenshots of your screen and clicks stuff instead. That way, you look like a human player, from the perspective of any software-based anti-hack plugins. With the most popular games, such as Bejeweled 2, if has been confirmed that there is input validation using Node.js on the backend, which you have absolutely no control over.
  2. If you have to run your hacks on or near max speed in order to win a tournament, just don’t hack that game. Only hack games that you are confident you can win.
  3. Use our scripts. They’re great (programmed in Java though…). We recommend Eclipse but you can use any IDE. Run the scripts straight from the IDE instead of using the compiled version in a .jar or something, because you’ll want to be able to edit things like the speed and, for Scrabble BOGGLE, the chance to click a word that is found.

Although we have bots for several games, we have only released our best, which are currently for Scrabble BOGGLE and Vegas Nights 2.

(videos and downloads coming soon) – leave comments to remind me to make a separate page for these with videos and downloads

Section 6 – The Ban Hammer

We’ve said it so many times before. Regardless of whether or not you hack or have violated any of the terms at all, you’ll be banned at their sole and absolute discretion. The three main reasons that a “Fraud/Risk” investigation is opened (and by opened, we mean you’re banned… they never resolve you to be innocent) is you (1) won too much money, (2) tried to withdraw too much money, or (3) you were caught by backend validation. Ml odds. By the way, those are in order, with #1 being very common, and #3 being extremely rare.

You can avoid #1 by not winning anything over $80 at once. This is a rough figure but it is definitely bigger than the amount you should withdraw at once. (Again, hardest one to avoid). Avoid #2 by not withdrawing more than $50 at a time. However, if they notice frequent withdrawals, they might open a case anyway. There is no formula for withdrawing, except for the rule of thumb that you should never build up too much money. The amount of money you have is equivalent to what you will lose if your account is seized. Basically, (all money currently in your account) + (total amount of all withdrawals that are still processing). Rewards Points and Premier Club benefits have no monetary value, and for the purposes of this guide, are practically useless. Remember that you can avoid #3 by not directly interfacing with the browser if you code your own custom bot. (For example, use screenshots, OCR, and simulated keypresses instead of a browser plugin).

Remember, when you are banned, any money in your account, any Rewards Points, any processing withdrawals, anything at all, will be seized. However, there is an exception – if you have less than $50 (roughly), and you were caught hacking by the backend validation, they will say that they will refund you. However, in our tests with money below $30, it has never been refunded. (Above $30 has not been refunded either, but at least they tell you it has been seized instead of “we’ll refund it to you”).

I recommend that you don’t initiate legal action unless you are absolutely committed. However, a letter worded like this might at least get you a different response from “we are comfortable with leaving your account closed”:

Section 7 – Testimonials

I have been playing with GSN Cash Games or Worldwinner for over 9 years … I’ve deposited over $33.000 over the years to play games … they closed my account and sent it to the fraud department … This here is not a safe place to play for cash, the games are glitched, the FairMatching is rigged and their customer service is horrible. Until they can problem otherwise, this is not a safe place to play. Melissa M.

I caught them rigging the games!!! There was a whole week or so that they were working on the site to give selective (their friends) free timing, meaning the clock stopped and you could play all the best and end it when you want but the other opponant’s time ran out … This happened to me many times and I felt guilty but what could I do? Right now, the “Piramid Solitare” is taking many cards (like 12) and ditching them and giving you credit for clearing them manually and you didn’t. < This is cheating!!! Then, in the middle of a game, there is error messages and it ends on you as if you “lost”!!! I have the best computer and service, updates and NO viruses. There is no reason for the “error” messages, they plant them!!! I am VERY RELUCTANT to play for money anymore! Dam S.

I have deposited $550 with them over the last 18 months or so… I realized long ago that your skills don’t matter. For example if you play Dynamo (or something like that) you can literally see how the ball you shoot just changes direction to miss where you aimed. Sometimes it is so bad, it’s as if someone else was aiming for you (and missing)… But worst thing is a few days ago I tried to make a $10 PayPal deposit and was told there was an issue and the deposit could not be made. I tried 2 more times with the same response. I checked my PayPal account and there was no problem, the money was taken out 3 times, but not deposited at world winner. I was upset, I like to play in the evening and my deposits were held leaving me no way to play. I e-mailed support, the first time in 2 years, and was told they are busy and will get back with me usually in about 2 days!!! I was really ticked off about that and went to PayPal and put claims on all 3 Payments so they would see the amount WAS indeed paid. The next day I found my game account had been closed due to fraud!!!! And to top it off they responded at PayPal that they credited the $30 to my game account and I need to close the disputes…while I couldn’t even SEE my game account because it was CLOSED!!! Anyways, thanks to PayPal they had no option but to refund and I will play elsewhere. Katja K.

My friend told me this site was a scam. He played and played and when he did finally win, they wouldn’t pay up. Accused him of having multiple accounts and shut him down. Nonsense. Leo A.

I was playing on GSN a while when I decided to try World Winner. At first it seemed ok, I won a few, lost a few, kept making small deposits, then I finally won a tournament. I asked to withdraw some funds, and that’s when they accuse you of fraud, multiple accounts- etc- same complaints I’m now finding out. I am not a cheater. Steve L.

First of all I find it laughable they would claim to be concerned about fairness…I’ve dumped so much money into that site never winning an individual pot over $50.and those were only a handful at best. I never once made a withdraw. I always played back what little I did win (as compared to what I spent and lost) just to play. I log in to my account one day.make a $25 dollar deposit which was accepted and credited to my account. When I go to enter my first competition, it immediately sent me to a page that told me my account was closed due to fraud and fairness.and blocking any further access to my account and my money.SERIOUSLY. Fraud? And I’ve never once won more than $50 and never withdrew winnings?? They know what they are doing. It’s intentional.letting users make a deposit into an account they have already closed.scam scam scam. I am filing every complaint with anyone that will take it. Andrea J.

I don’t recommend worldwinners – you can’t make money there, even if you have the best bot. Marcin W.

I am filing a fraud report with this company. what thieves Carolyn M.

I just wanted to warn anyone that may someday think joining them that they will rip you off, & they will BAN you as long as you’re a good player & making cash, but if you’re dumb enough & loosing all the way down, you’ll be more than welcomed out there. Just be aware of them, they will BAN you just like that without even letting you the chance to defend yourself. Ansi M.

While trying to log in I get a “fraud” error. I tried many times to find out what was going on and discovered my deceased husband had signed up to play. Margaret C.

The fair matching is a joke, don’t take the bait. Jayme M.

It’s frustrating to the bones… they have banned me from going to the community board because I have been complaining there (like many others)… the board is obviously only there for positive feedback. Mandy W.

They closed my account right after I made a deposit. Vera S.

Once you feel confident playing their free games, you may feel justified in depositing to the site in hopes of winning some money… you WILL lose your deposit. [Also,] they cook their books. They will claim losses to customers in order to reduce their own reported net income so that they as a company pay less taxes to the government on their profits. In turn, those who have lost money to the website will receive receipts of supposed “winnings” (although you’ll never see a cheque in the mail). This causes the losers to lose even more by having to pay higher income taxes on the winnings they didn’t even receive. The Internal Revenue Service needs to get on their asses (or off their own) and convict some CPAs of fraudulent practices. Don’t ever put money into this site. You might as well flush it down the toilet. Adam

I won 880.00 which, to my knowledge, I have played their games but never gained money from it. I never received a check from worldwinner for 880.00 which is very disturbing considering they say I won this money. This site is a scam and they are hurting people. The IRS has now reported I owe them over 1000 dollars which is worldwinner’s fault because how can you claim winnings that you did not win? C. J. Cunningham

… 22 years old and terrified about her tax bill. She wrote to tell me that she played on for less than a year, but now she’s received a Form 1099 showing winnings of more than $7,000. Yet she spent more than that — without taking a dime out. Without funds to pay the taxes, Anita is afraid she’ll have to go to jail. Eva Rosenberg

Section 8 – Copyright and License

How to Beat WorldWinner – The Complete Guide is Copyright © 2016-2017 Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this documentation and associated software files (the “Guide”), to deal in the Guide without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Guide, and to permit persons to whom the Guide is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Guide.

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